Losing America

Searching for the Freedom Lost

Confederate Civil War Songs










Obama’s Economy

Last year, 4,600 cars and RVs were used as homes, according to The Los Angeles Times.


404 – StoryLine



Money Laundering Scheme Exposed: 14 Pro-Clinton Super PACs & Non-Profits Implicated


Money Laundering Scheme Exposed: 14 Pro-Clinton Super PACs & Non-Profits Implicated | Zero Hedge If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.



History of Islam

It is kind of dry but if you want to understand what Western Civilization is up against, you must watch this.

History is a wonderful thing…Until revised and ignored.

Islam Slavery

Over a million Christians sold into slavery and only the Marines remember…………….

Ohio State University history Professor Robert Davis describes the White Slave Trade as minimized by most modern historians in his book Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500–1800 (Palgrave Macmillan). Davis estimates that 1 million to 1.25 million white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 18th, by slave traders from Tunis, Algiers, and Tripoli alone (these numbers do not include the European people which were enslaved by Morocco and by other raiders and traders of the Mediterranean Sea coast), 16th- and 17th-century customs statistics suggest that Istanbul’s additional slave import from the Black Sea may have totaled around 2.5 million from 1450 to 1700. The markets declined after the loss of the Barbary Wars and finally ended in the 1830s, when the region was conquered by France.


Theo Spark: Over a million Christians sold into slavery and only the Marines remember…………….




Ask Anyone That Opposes a Wall

Please explain then why Mexico is building a wall on its southern border to keep illegal immigrants out? And why the United States is helping to pay the cost. The Obama Administration has sent Mexico, 75 million dollars of aid to build the wall.


Mexico Is Building A Border Wall “To Keep Illegal Immigrants Out”

Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors

Wells Fargo fraud department inundated with calls from low-income Clinton supporters reporting repeated unauthorized charges.

“We get up to a hundred calls a day from Hillary’s low-income supporters complaining about multiple unauthorized charges,” a source, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of job security, from the Wells Fargo fraud department told the Observer.


Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors | | Observer Wells Fargo fraud department inundated with calls from low-income Clinton supporters reporting unauthorized charges.




Sun Tzu famously advised leaving a line of retreat to your enemies even when you have them surrounded. After all, you don’t want them fighting to the bitter end. You want them to see there is an alternative to death.

Hillary Clinton has provided us no such option. Her recent comments should not be a subject for laughter or mockery. They are a deeply ominous warning to every one of us. Hillary really showed her hand was in characterizing “some of those folks” as “irredeemable.” “Irredeemable” means there is nothing they – we – can do to be regarded as part of American society, to be citizens like everyone else with certain inherent rights. As Clinton put it, we are “not America.” We are simply an enemy to be destroyed.

Hillary has put us on notice. From the street level antifa to the shitlib journalists, from the plutocrats to the current President, we are the enemy. No tactics are off the table.


Dispelling the Mythmakers

Source: redice.tv/news/irredeemable

You Can’t Make This Up

Somali “refugees” in Sweden are demanding citizenship. Sooooo, they can vacation in Somali. You know the country they fled because it was so dangerous.

Somali refugee demands Swedish citizenship – to go on holiday to Somalia

Dispelling the Mythmakers

Source: redice.tv/news/somali-refugee-demands-swedish-citizenship-to-go-on-holiday-to-somalia

Maryland Schools Plan to Increase Big Pharma Profits by Billions

Maryland plans to ban thousands of students from attending class over new mandatory vaccine requirements. I wonder if this also applies to “illegals and refugees?” My guess is no. The new requirements apply to students in kindergarten, first, second, and seventh through ninth grades based on a schedule of immunizations with different required vaccines for different grades. Oh, Big Pharma wrote the immunization schedule. No conflict of interest there.
Please, I do not oppose all vaccines. I just believe we are injecting children with chemicals for the Profits of Big Pharma. As a child in the 50s and 60s I needed vaccines for Smallpox, DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis), and Polio. Five diseases, add in the boosters, maybe 10 injections total as a kid. Today kids get 25 injections by age two. And it only gets worse as they age. Somehow we children of the 50s and 60s survived with only 10 injections.
I do not know if there is a link, but in the 1950s and 60s autism struck 4.5 per 10,000. Today autism strikes 1 in 68. I do not say or know there is any link. However, the rise of autism mirrors the rise in vaccines. It may very well be there is NO relationship between the two. It does seem odd that any attempt at research is blocked and impeded. To date there have been NO research studying if there is a link.

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