Starbucks Now a Free Homeless Facility

It is loads of fun watching Starbucks’ management doing PC acrobatics, Political Correctness, Racial Politics.

Now Starbucks is saying this was all contrary to their policy and, presumably, anyone who wants to sit in their shops and not order anything and use the bathrooms has the right to do so as long as they like.

Starbucks, has just announced its stores are not stores primarily, but are now privately-funded shelters and bathroom facilities for the homeless. You don’t have to spend a slim dime in the store to sit as long as you please and use the bathrooms.

That’ll be great for Starbucks’ business. Their yuppie douchebag clientele loves the homeless in the abstract, but we’ll see how much they appreciate their coffee shops being jammed with them, close-up-like, occupying most tables and chairs.

I will not defend Starbucks; I want them to have the full taste of Social Justice Warrior progressivism. If this is the company’s ideology, then they should live that ideology to the full.

South of the Border II

Mexico making a surprise announcement they will support the U.S. steel tariff against China by shutting down the NAFTA back door on that specific trade segment. However, the bigger story is Mexico’s admission/concession to the U.S. trade position that Canada and Mexico structure access to the U.S. market inside their trade deals with other nations.

By shipping parts to Mexico and/or Canada; and by deploying satellite manufacturing and assembly facilities in Canada and/or Mexico; China, Asia and to a lesser extent EU corporations, exploited a loophole.

Through a process of building, assembling or manufacturing their products in Mexico/Canada those foreign corporations can skirt U.S. trade tariffs and direct U.S. trade agreements.  The finished foreign products entered the U.S. under NAFTA rules.

Why deal with the U.S. when you can just deal with Mexico, and use NAFTA rules to ship your product directly into the U.S. market?

This exploitative approach, a backdoor to the U.S. market, was the primary reason for massive foreign investment in Canada and Mexico; it was also the primary reason why candidate Donald Trump, now President Donald Trump, wanted to shut down that loophole and renegotiate NAFTA.

That is one heck of an admission. By admitting to the flaw on Asian imports, Mexico is opening the negotiation door to all product sectors.  This is the FATAL FLAW we did not anticipate Mexico and Canada ever agreeing to close. Canada/Mexico must really be scared of a U.S. withdrawal, otherwise they would never make the admission public.

South of the Border

With a Marxist about to win the July 1st election. Things will change dramatically in Mexico. Take a clue from Venezuela, it is almost certain nationalization of private industry will soon follow. If you do not understand, do some research on Venezuelan economy. Free capital markets are anticipating this move. Soon EVERY American company that built factories in Mexico will lose them.

Fake News CNN Still At It

Video footage shows a CNN reporter visiting victims of the Douma chemical weapons attack and then sniffing their belongings, prompting some to question why the woman chose to inhale possibly dangerous substances.

“There’s definitely something that stings,” comments CNN’s Arwa Damon as she sniffs a backpack that belongs to a child who was caught up in the chemical weapons attack.

CNN reported that sarin was used in the attack. “The smell is still quite strong, maybe these were the things they weren’t able to wash,” she subsequently states.


Sarin or NATO designation GB, is a highly toxic synthetic organophosphorus compound. A COLORLESS, ODORLESS LIQUID.

Please, CNN, explain the “Strong Smell,” of an ODORLESS LIQUID?

Illegal Immigrant from Guatemala Helping Economy

Luis Velasquez-Ortiz, an illegal immigrant was charged on April 11 in the hit-and-run death. Velasquez-Ortiz was driving a Ford Explorer when he failed to yield at a stop sign and collided with a motorcyclist, who got stuck underneath the vehicle. Rather than attempting to help the victim under his vehicle, Velasquez-Ortiz accelerated, crushing the man again as he fled the scene of the crash.

But good economic news. Dead citizen means a job opening.

Policy is Established

Black Man Demands Free Starbucks Coffee As ‘Reparations’ — White Barista Immediately Complies

We now have Starbucks policy of giving free coffee to “blacks” as reparations, for Starbucks racist policies. Now as a good Democrat company, Starbucks must ascribe that race and gender are fluid. Regardless of your race, if you identify as black, YOU GET free Starbucks coffee. Now if you identify as black, female, and homosexual, you should get a coffee and free scone. And if Starbucks does not recognize your racial identification, it will reaffirm their RACISM. Demand Starbucks accept your racial identification or expose them for the racists they are.

How Do Immigrants Improve the Economy

America, has been shielded from the worst, unlike Europe. I know Democrats and the left want open borders. They keep talking how immigrants are good for the economy. Democrats however, have never explained how uneducated, illiterate, Non-English speaking immigrants, improve an economy. Especially an economy based on technology. Logic would seem to dictate the immigrants are a drain, not a help to the economy.

90% of refugees are still unemployed after living for 2.5 years in the Netherlands. What a boon to the economy, millions on welfare.

Two children of illegal immigrants are receiving £300 a week from British taxpayers. And the “cherry on top” the children are living in Africa, NOT England.

An Iraqi refugee family, with six children, is renting an apartment. Germany pays 6,800 euros a month for rent. This one immigrant family is costing the government $8418.74, just in rent. What an economic boon.

Taxes will rise in Sweden as half of all “new Swedes” remain unemployed after eight years. Nearly six out of ten of those currently enrolled in the Employment Service are foreign born whilst only 25 percent of Swedish residents have a foreign background. The gap between home-born and foreign-born workers’ ability to obtain work is only growing.

Germany accepted 1.5 million migrants since 2015. German economist Hans-Werner Sinn says the migrant crisis will cost the country 1,000,000,000,000 euros