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Racist Comments from Tolerant Liberal

Ira Madison III, an MTV News culture writer and host, mocked Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Asian-American grandchildren. Madison accused Sessions of stealing his grandchildren from Toys “R” Us for the hearing. He went on to call his grandchildren a “prop.”

Not Surprising Except

A majority of Americans support the nomination of a Supreme Court justice who will interpret the Constitution as it was “originally written.”

Eight in 10 Americans (80 percent) say it is an “immediate priority” or one to appoint Supreme Court justices that will interpret the Constitution as it was originally written.

Here is the surprising part, more than four in 10 Democrats (42 percent) also say it is an “immediate priority.” They do not list the number of democrats that say, it is an “important” priority. I have to guess the combined number would be over 50%. That is a shock, over 50% of democrats want the constitution interpreted as originally written.

New Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Want SCOTUS Nominees Who Apply Constitution as Originally Written

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A new poll conducted by The Marist Poll, and sponsored by…

Source: www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-poll-vast-majority-of-americans-want-scotus-nominees-who-apply-constitution-as-originally-written-300387698.html

Remembering Pearl Harbor

What can only be described as a blatant breach of standard protocol. The entire U.S. Navy aircraft carrier group, 10 active carriers, have returned to port and are now all sitting ducks. The last time this happened, a surprise attack crippled our Navy.

According to information displayed on GoNavy.jp , which tracks the current locations of all active aircraft carriers, the Obama Administration has ordered every single active U.S. aircraft carrier home.

Is this just incompetence or something more sinister? Only time will tell.

Hillary Supporters

*** Warning Foul Language Ahead ***

Hillary supporter, Melinda Byerley, founder of the Silicon Valley-based startup company Timeshare CMO, tweeted a Facebook posting. Jobs are disappearing from middle America because “educated people” do not want to live in a “sh*thole” with “misogynistic, racist, stupid, and violent people.”

Despite advising middle America to install fiber internet, Byerley claimed there is more to attracting jobs than just offering internet and tax breaks, as corporations have to struggle with the fact that “their best and brightest would rather scrape by in SF than live in a huge house somewhere if it meant dealing with bigots and backwards ideologies every day.”

My thought… Fuck-her. Stay in that shit-hole, San Francisco. Think I’m wrong, San Francisco is the shit-hole and not middle America. Just look below.


Poverty rate in San Francisco – Approximately 20 percent

How to solve San Francisco’s homeless pooping problem – SFGate

How to solve San Francisco’s homeless pooping problem

San Francisco is known for its Golden Gate Bridge, world class cuisine, panoply of cultures, striking skyline, frigid fog, and homeless. More specifically, aggressive panhandling and homeless defecating and urinating in public.  Now, there is a solution.

Source: www.sfgate.com/news/article/How-to-solve-San-Francisco-s-homeless-pooping-6465355.php


S.F. has new data-driven solution to old S.F. problem: human excrement

S.F. has new data-driven solution to old S.F. problem: human excrement

For decades, feces on streets and sidewalks has been one of the biggest quality-of-life issues for San Francisco residents and visitors, particularly in the hard-edged Tenderloin, home base for many of the city’s homeless and the nonprofits that provide them clothes, addiction help and meals. […] after a chorus of complaints and a month spent mapping the highest concentrations of human excrement in the Tenderloin, the Department of Public Works on Tuesday will roll out the city’s latest approach: mobile bathroom stations at the three most well-used areas. Each station will include two specially outfitted portable toilets, a sink, a needle disposal bin and a dog waste station, all mounted on a flatbed trailer. After San Francisco installed self-cleaning public toilets in places like Civic Center Plaza in the mid-1990s, some quickly became favorites for drug dealers and junkies, both for business and pleasure. Last month, the city acted on nearly 1,000 requests to clean up human feces, and more than half of those – 529 – were in the Tenderloin, according to public works officials, who described the problem as both a cleanliness issue and a health hazard. The city’s poop survey found that most often people who defecated in public sought some sort of privacy, whether it was a fire-exit doorway, alleyway or between parked cars.

Source: www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/S-F-takes-data-driven-approach-to-poop-5621384.php


San Francisco Torn as Some See ‘Street Behavior’ Worsen


San Francisco has ignored homelessness and is paying the price

San Francisco has ignored homelessness and is paying the price

From services to supportive housing to tough love, San Francisco’s leadership has tried it all — yet the vexing problem of people on the streets is more visible than ever. Unfortunately, while the city’s current leadership has been focused on other problems, the homelessness problem has been allowed to fester — and as a special report in The Chronicle this weekend revealed, there’s plenty of evidence that it’s gotten substantially worse. San Francisco’s development boom has pushed the homeless out of neglected industrial areas and into residential neighborhoods, including those with some of the most expensive real estate in the country. Complaints about issues associated with homelessness — including encampments, hypodermic needles and human waste — have exploded over the past two years, and especially over the past several months. In addition to creating more Navigation Centers to offer services and securing more housing, San Francisco has to focus on addressing the mental health problems that plague this population.

Source: www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/San-Francisco-has-ignored-homelessness-and-is-6587781.php


San Francisco’s summer of urine and drug-addicted homeless

San Francisco’s summer of urine and drug-addicted homeless

How bad is the urine situation in San Francisco? This is not a joke: Monday night, a light pole corroded by urine collapsed and crashed onto a car, narrowly missing the driver. The smell is worse than I have known since I started working for The Chronicle in 1992. It hits your nose on the BART escalator before you reach Market Street. That sour smell can bake for blocks where street people sleep wrapped in dirty blankets. I talked to Mayor Ed Lee and rode around with police to find out what can be done to clean up San Francisco. Why does the city stink so? With the drought there has been less rain to wash away the city’s sins.

Source: www.sfgate.com/opinion/saunders/article/San-Francisco-s-summer-of-urine-and-6430084.php


Video: Meet The “San Francisco Meth Zombies”

Video: Meet The “San Francisco Meth Zombies”

A meth super-lab in San Francisco producing 25 pounds a week, and deliveries to the Richmond and Sunset — as well as the “epidemic” in the gay community? It’s all in “San Francisco Meth Zombies.”

Source: www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Meet-The-San-Francisco-Meth-Zombies-222592881.html


Sex, drugs and filth plague city-sponsored public restrooms

Sex, drugs and filth plague city-sponsored public restrooms | San Francisco Public Press


Source: sfpublicpress.org/news/2011-04/sex-drugs-and-filth-plague-city-sponsored-public-restrooms


Public Urination Is a Public Health Issue — and San Francisco Sure Has a Unique Way of Curbing It

Public Urination Is a Public Health Issue — and San Francisco Sure Has a Unique Way of Curbing It

Public urination has gotten so bad in San Francisco that the city has painted nine walls with a repellant paint that makes pee spray back on the offender.

Source: www.yahoo.com/beauty/public-urination-is-a-public-health-issue-and-126582389957.html


Could pee-resistant paint curb public urination problem?

​Could pee-resistant paint curb public urination problem?

“Do not pee here. We pee back!” High-tech, liquid-resistant paint repels waste, splashing it back at the offender

Source: www.cbsnews.com/news/could-pee-resistant-paint-curb-public-urination-problem/


Media Outlets failed to fact check GM and published “Fake News.”

It appears that in the media’s rush to fact-check Trump and call him hypocritical, no media outlet bothered to fact-check GM as well.

GM was caught red-handed lying to the public and to Trump, and we might never have known if it weren’t for everyday people like Niedermeyer. Since the media is happy to publish “Fake News,” and never fact check a story they agree with.

Think about this for a second. GM is selling Cruze sedans manufactured in Mexico, in the same Ohio town that builds Cruze sedans.

GM Lies to Trump, Public About Chevy Cruze Production

London Hit with Arctic Snow

Londoners have been warned sleet and snow could hit the capital as temperatures plunge this week.

The Met Office has announced that milder temperatures expected at the beginning of the week will plummet on Wednesday night as “wintry showers” travel across the UK and through the Channel.

“There is a risk of some snow and sleety weather on Thursday and possibly also Friday – mainly in the form of showers,” a forecaster told the Standard.


Anyone Remember This?

No More Snow in England Say Global Warmists

Please enjoy an article from The Independent titled “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.” Written in the year 2000, global warmists are claiming that snowfall is history in Britain:

Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.

Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain’s culture, as warmer winters – which scientists are attributing to global climate change – produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries…

[T]he warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”…

Professor Jarich Oosten, an anthropologist at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, says that even if we no longer see snow, it will remain culturally important.

“We don’t really have wolves in Europe any more, but they are still an important part of our culture and everyone knows what they look like,” he said.

Federal Workers Worry About Their Jobs Under Trump

Federal workers nationwide are bracing for reductions in head counts, civil service protections and salaries when President-elect Donald Trump and Congress turn their attention to government spending later this year.

Why would they worry? Jobs under Obama have grown exponentially. There are millions of jobs waiting for them. Just look at the jobs reports, and all the media stories… Unless those job growth stories are just “Fake News.”

Federal workers worry about their jobs under Trump

Federal workers nationwide are bracing for reductions in head counts, civil service protections and salaries when President-elect Donald Trump and Congress turn their attention to government spending later this year. Trump, who ran on a promise to “drain the swamp,” has identified hiring freezes at most federal agencies as a top priority for his early days in office. Republican lawmakers, many of whom have long advocated…

Source: www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/federal-workers-worry-about-their-jobs-under-trump/ar-BBy2Xlu

Voiding the Fourth Amendment

Danger Will Robinson Danger

The FBI is paying informants. Some of these informants apparently work at Best Buy’s, Geek Squad. Think about this next time you take a computer to “the Geek Squad.” The FBI is paying them to spy on YOU.

The FBI Is Apparently Paying Geek Squad Members To Dig Around In Computers For Evidence Of Criminal Activity

Law enforcement has a number of informants working for it and the companies that already pay their paychecks, like UPS, for example. It also has a number of government employees working for the TSA, keeping their eyes peeled for “suspicious&quot…

Source: www.techdirt.com/articles/20170106/10163236419/fbi-is-apparently-paying-geek-squad-members-to-dig-around-computers-evidence-criminal-activity.shtml

The Deep State

This is a term most if not all, are not familiar with. Although many will know it by other names, the elite, shadow government, military industrial complex, and many others. However, I think the term “Deep State” is most appropriate.

At its base the Deep State, believes in power, its own. The citizens are far too stupid to live their lives without the direction and aid of the Deep State. To maintain its power and control, the Deep State need to distract and occupy the citizens from what is really happening. To this end, the media is co-opted and controlled by the Deep State. This was great, until the evil internet allowed unfiltered “truth” to the masses. Now, that unfiltered truth is branded as “fake news.” Losing control of the official truth is dangerous and must be stopped.

The election of Donald Trump, is a grave danger to the Deep State. The last President that stood against the Deep State, was John F. Kennedy. And we know how that ended. John F. Kennedy directly challenged the Deep State, firing CIA Director Allen Dulles after the Bay of Pigs disaster. He was assassinated, and whether or not CIA involvement is ever conclusively proven, the allegations have been useful to the agency, keeping politicians in line.

The Deep State grew in power during the 1950’s. The Soviet Union was the perfect foe. A mythic target of evil to keep focused on. The Soviets detonated an atomic bomb in 1949. Followed by, a nuclear arms race, a space race, maintenance of a globe-spanning military, political, and economic confederation, and a huge expansion of the size and power of the military and intelligence complex were justified by the Soviet, and later, the Red Chinese threats. Then catastrophe, the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Much of the military-industrial complex was suddenly deprived of its reason for existence. The threat was gone.

With the threat gone, talks of peace dividends, scaling back the military, and the intelligence agencies, the complex was sorely in need of a new enemy. There was too much money and power at stake for the complex to shrink.

The 9/11 attacks. It does seem convenient, just when the Deep State needs a new boogieman, we are attacked. Americans surrendered liberties and gave the Deep State carte blanche to fight a war on terrorism that would span the globe, target all those whom the government identified as terrorists, and never be conclusively won or lost. The perfect foe, one you can fight forever and never win. Funding for the Deep State ballooned, the military was deployed on multiple fronts, and the surveillance state blossomed.

Now President elect Trump, questions why have the US been involved in long, costly, bloody, and inconclusive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why should the US get involved in similar conflicts in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, and other Middle Eastern and Northern African hotspots? Questions for which there are no answers. These questions pose a grave and deep danger to the Deep State.

President elect Trump further questions, has “free trade” agreements and porous borders been a net benefit or detriment to the US? Why is the banking industry set up for periodic crises that inevitably require government bail-outs? Why does every debt crisis result in more debt? How has encouraging debt and speculation at the expense of savings and investment helped the US economy?

The Deep State has no answer, it cannot even acknowledge these questions. Because they all touch on its failures. Brexit, Donald Trump, other populist, nationalist movements catching fire, and the rise of the alternative media are wrecking balls aimed at the Deep State.

The fanatical shenanigans in the US after Trump’s election. Violent protests, hysterical outbursts, the vote recount effort, the proof-free Russian hacking allegations, “fake news,” and the attempt to sway electoral college electors. These are the desperate screams of those trapped inside. They reek of despair, not strength. Trump, and the world wide populist movement represents an opportunity to strike a blow against the Deep State, but the chances it will be lethal are minimal and the dangers obvious.

The Deep State is scared, there is nothing more dangerous than a scared, trapped animal. The Deep State is amoral, and will do anything to hold power. President Trump and the other populist, anti-elite leaders need to be careful, there will be dangerous times ahead.

The Architect of Destruction

By Maureen Scott

Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps, because, as a child, he grew up harboring an abiding bitterness toward the U.S. that was instilled in him by his family and mentors…it seems to have never left him.

It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America .  Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

Think: Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. or its people, with deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history, our customs, our sufferings and our blessings? Has he ever revealed that, like most patriotic Americans, he gets “goose bumps” when a band plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” or sheds a tear when he hears a beautiful rendition of ” America the Beautiful?” Does his heart burst with pride when millions of American flags wave on a National holiday – or someone plays “taps” on a trumpet? Has he ever shared the admiration of the military, as we as lovers of those who keep us free, feel when soldiers march by? It is doubtful because Obama did not grow up sharing our experiences or our values. He did not sit at the knee of a Grandfather or Uncle who showed us his medals and told us about the bravery of his fellow troops as they tramped through foreign lands to keep us free. He didn’t have grandparents who told stories of suffering and then coming to America , penniless, and the opportunities they had for building a business and life for their children.

Away from this country as a young child, Obama didn’t delight in being part of America and its greatness. He wasn’t singing our patriotic songs in kindergarten, or standing on the roadside for a holiday parade and eating a hot dog, or lighting sparklers around a campfire on July 4th as fireworks exploded over head, or placing flags on the grave sites of fallen and beloved American heroes.

Rather he was separated from all of these experiences and doesn’t really understand us and what it means to be an American. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unites us.

He has never given a speech that is filled with calm, reassuring, complimentary, heartfelt statements about all the people in the U.S. Or one that inspires us to be better and grateful and proud that in a short time our country became a leader, and a protector of many. Quite the contrary, his speeches always degenerate into mocking, ridiculing tirades as he faults our achievements as well as any critics or opposition for the sake of a laugh, or to bolster his ego. He uses his Office to threaten and create fear while demeaning and degrading any American who opposes his policies and actions. A secure leader, who has noble self-esteem and not false confidence, refrains from showing such dread of critics and displaying a cocky, haughty attitude.

Mostly, his time seems to be spent causing dissension, unrest, and anxiety among the people of America , rather than uniting us (even though he was presented to us as the “Great Uniter”). He creates chaos for the sake of keeping people separated, envious, aggrieved and ready to argue. Under his leadership Americans have been kept on edge, rather than in a state of comfort and security. He incites people to be aggressive toward, and disrespectful of, those of differing opinions. And through such behavior, Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to the level of street-fighting gangs, when he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured.

Not a day goes by that he is not attempting to defy our laws, remove our rights, over-ride established procedures, install controversial appointees, enact divisive mandates, and assert a dictatorial form of power.
Never has there been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country.

· Never have we had a President who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming and trustworthy force.

· Never, in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause a nation of people – on a daily basis!

Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up. He is the Architect of the decline of America , and the epitome of a Demagogue.

© Maureen Scott

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