Still Rocks after 40-Years

As an album “Bat Out of Hell” one of the best. Right up there with The Beatles, “Abby Roads,” and Fleetwood Mac’s, “Rumors.” Bat Out of Hell II, is also very good. I like Meat Loaf, but without the genius of Jim Steinman, no one would have heard of him. The collaboration between the two of them was magic. Jim Steinman, is a musical genius, and with Meat Loaf as the front man, they rocked. Meat Loaf made “Bat Out of Hell III,” but I’d say don’t waste your time. It is not a Meat Loaf, Steinman production. Too bad Jim did not finish the trilogy.

Kelly Guthrie Raley Has Been Teaching For 20 Years

She posted a rant on Facebook that has since gone viral.

    Okay, I’ll be the bad guy and say what no one else is brave enough to say, but wants to say. I’ll take all the criticism and attacks from everyone because you know what? I’m a TEACHER. I live this life daily. And I wouldn’t do anything else! But I also know daily I could end up in an active shooter situation.

    Until we, as a country, are willing to get serious and talk about mental health issues, lack of available care for the mental health issues, lack of discipline in the home, horrendous lack of parental support when the schools are trying to control horrible behavior at school (oh no! Not MY KID. What did YOU do to cause my kid to react that way?), lack of moral values, and yes, I’ll say it-violent video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others’ lives, as well as reality TV that makes it commonplace for people to constantly scream up in each others’ faces and not value any other person but themselves, we will have a gun problem in school. Our kids don’t understand the permanency of death anymore!!!

    I grew up with guns. Everyone knows that. But you know what? My parents NEVER supported any bad behavior from me. I was terrified of doing something bad at school, as I would have not had a life until I corrected the problem and straightened my ass out. My parents invaded my life. They knew where I was ALL the time. They made me have a curfew. They made me wake them up when I got home. They made me respect their rules. They had full control of their house, and at any time could and would go through every inch of my bedroom, backpack, pockets, anything! Parents: it’s time to STEP UP! Be the parent that actually gives a crap! Be the annoying mom that pries and knows what your kid is doing. STOP being their friend. They have enough “friends” at school. Be their parent. Being the “cool mom” means not a damn thing when either your kid is dead or your kid kills other people because they were allowed to have their space and privacy in YOUR HOME. I’ll say it again. My home was filled with guns growing up. For God’s sake, my daddy was an 82nd Airborne Ranger who lost half his face serving our country. But you know what? I never dreamed of shooting anyone with his guns. I never dreamed of taking one! I was taught respect for human life, compassion, rules, common decency, and most of all, I was taught that until I moved out, my life and bedroom wasn’t mine…it was theirs. And they were going to know what was happening because they loved me and wanted the best for me.

    There. Say that I’m a horrible person. I didn’t bring up gun control, and I will refuse to debate it with anyone. This post wasn’t about gun control. This was me, loving the crap out of people and wanting the best for them. This was about my school babies and knowing that God created each one for greatness, and just wanting them to reach their futures. It’s about 20 years ago this year I started my teaching career. Violence was not this bad 20 years ago. Lack of compassion wasn’t this bad 20 years ago. And God knows 20 years ago that I wasn’t afraid daily to call a parent because I KNEW that 9 out of 10 would cuss me out, tell me to go to Hell, call the news on me, call the school board on me, or post all over FaceBook about me because I called to let them know what their child chose to do at school…because they are a NORMAL kid!!!!!

    Those 17 lives mattered. When are we going to take our own responsibility seriously?

Democrat California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia Hypocrite

Democrat Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is at the forefront of the #.MeToo movement. As a leader, Democrat Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia said the accusation is enough. As a #MeToo activist, she’s called on those accused of harassment to resign immediately.

But now Democrat Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is accused of improper sexual conduct. Not by just one, but four have come forward to accuse Democrat Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia. However, Democrat Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia refuses to resign. She is on unpaid leave until the charges are being investigated. Funny, I thought she supported “Immediate Resignation” from just the accusation.

History Repeats Itself

As we stand on the bring of weaponizing drones. This is not a new concept. With AI, our drones could begin running themselves. During WWII, Germany used remote controlled drones.

Known as the “beetle tank” to the Allies, the Goliath tracked mine was employed by the Wehrmacht during WWII for a variety of purposes including destroying tanks, buildings, and bridges, and disrupting infantry formations. It could carry up to 220 pounds of high explosives.

Michael Moore Worked with Russia to Sew Discord

Moore’s Facebook is littered with charges that Trump and Republicans are Russian tools.

However, it was Michael Moore, himself that worked with the Russians.

In a report, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced Friday. Against 13 Russian nationals for meddling in the 2016 election.

On Nov. 12, 2016, there was a “Trump is NOT my President,” event. Michael Moore was one of the leading celebrities, in attendance. This event was Russia-sponsored. Robert Mueller confirms, Russia used anti-trump resistance events to stoke division.

Michael Moore worked as a Russian stooge and tool, to divide America.

#MeToo Movement Promoting Conservative Principals

That was not their intent but that might be the result. Their drive to “empower” women and “emasculate” men is having an unexpected effect. Despite their view, men are not stupid. Some unintended consequences.


Will HR departments start to think twice before hiring women.

Eliminate all those harassment claims that cost money and tie up resources, just hire a man for the job.

Men in managerial positions are terrified and fleeing the #MentorHer.

Rational men will be lawyering up before sitting next to female employees at a conference table.

With men facing false accusations after a sexual encounter, casual hook-ups are too risky.

A 20-something man from West Virginia said, he used to pick up women “frequently” in bars but is wary about it now.

The nagging threat of criminal charges after a hot date could reverse the nearly 60-year trend of one-night stands.

Living together

Broken marriages

Employers, the cost of investigating sexual harassment claims could mean fewer women in the workplace.

Working mothers, could mean more women decide to stay home and raise the children.

If the trend continues, #MeToo will have accomplished what traditional, conservative-minded Americans have been trying to do for decades.

Death Spiral

Is Chicago destined to become the next Detroit? If the rising crime and murder rates are any indication, then yes. The golden “Chicago Loop” is fast becoming crime central. Leadership under Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been devastating. Crime, violent crime in the Chicago Loop, up 97%. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s repeated pledges to “put more cops on the beat.” However, the actual results of Mayor Rahm Emanuel are quite different. Chicago Loop police have been cut 8%. I’m not sure what beat, Ol’ Rahm is talking about, it sure isn’t the Loop.

If this continues, sooner or later, the people will flee. All the shiny buildings and upscale eateries, bars, and recreation opportunities continue to draw prey. Eventually, the realization of the danger will spread. People will stop going.  And when the tide turns, it will be brutal.


Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said on MSNBC Monday morning that the Obama administration knew of Russian hacking as early as summer of 2016. And did NOTHING!