Must Have Been All the Cars 100,000 Years Ago


The idea is that Earth’s climate went through a warming period just over 100,000 years ago, that was similar in many ways to the warming now. And the changes during that period were so catastrophic, they spawned massively powerful superstorms.

Now they blame seemingly identical natural change on man and want to tax you.


Another danger of climate change: Giant flying boulders? – The Washington Post

Researchers theorize that thousands of years ago, superstorms caused huge waves that hurled the huge rocks onto a Bahama island — and that it could happen again.




Surprise Surprise Surprise


You remember Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, don’t you? He’s the brother of Rahm, Chicago Mafia Boss and played an instrumental role in crafting and promoting Obamacare. He let the truth slip. He said it is painfully obvious: The so-called ‘Affordable’ Care Act that he helped design, and that Democrats marketed to the public as a cost-reduction measure, is failing by its own standards, “the law isn’t controlling costs.”


Obamacare Architect: Okay Fine, Our Law Isn’t Controlling Costs – Guy Benson

You remember Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, don’t you? He’s the brother of Rahm, who played an instrumental role in crafting and.11/27/2015 9:12:49AM EST.




Moderate Muslims 2


Saudi Arabia plan a series of beheadings across the country of more than 50 men convicted of terrorism offences. Yes, a moderate Muslim country plans to behead 50 people. Already this year Saudi Arabia has carried out at least 151 beheadings. Good thing they are moderate only 200+ beheading.


Saudi Arabia executions: Kingdom to behead 50 men convicted of terrorism offences despite Shia revolt threat | Middle East | News | The Independent

Saudi authorities appear set in the next few days to carry out a series of beheadings across the country of more than 50 men convicted of terrorism offences. Among those facing execution are three young men who were juveniles when they were arrested. The publication earlier this week of an article in the newspaper Okaz, which has close links to the Saudi Ministry of the Interior, has convinced families of the accused and concerned human-rights organisations that the executions are imminent.




Time to Laugh


The Obama administration on Wednesday reminded state officials across the country that states do not have legal authority to refuse to accept Syrian refugees. I thought it WAS the Obama administration that set the precedent you only had to follow the laws you agreed with.


Obama admin says states lack authority to block refugees – AP News 11/25/2015 7:54 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amid a growing political controversy, the Obama administration on Wednesday reminded state officials acr 11/25/2015 7:54 PM AP News.11/26/2015 19:10:04PM EST.




Moderate Muslims


The moderate Muslims in Saudi Arabia have sentenced Ashraf Fayadh to death for apostasy. His prison sentence was based on photos on his phone found by the religious police. A Saudi court in Abha initially sentenced him to 800 lashes and four years in prison.

This is what EVERY Muslim refugee believes is proper. Good for America?

Artist in Saudi Prison Sentenced to Death for Apostasy Says There’s a Big Problem With the Charge Against Him | Video |

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A Palestinian artist sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for apostasy was quoted by a local news website Thursday as saying that he is not an atheist and that his case centers around a personal dispute he had with someone. Ashraf…




Obamacare Pays Homage to Oligarchy


The monopoly giants get support from Obamacare. The Obamacare menu labeling regulation promises to be a boon to large chains and corporations. Every small mom and pop business will not be able to compete and forced out of business. The Obamacare calorie labeling requirements will cost a business as much as $77,000 to implement. A drop in the bucket to McDonalds, Applebee’s or Outback Steakhouse. But to the local diner in town it is a death sentence. No small business can hope to incur such cost and survive.

It is just not the restaurant businesses. The labeling regulations affect EVERY food or drink product. How about the local brewery? The hometown brewery can hardly survive the $77,000 cost. While Coors or Miller would hardly notice.

But then this is a 100% written and passed DEMOCRAT law what else could you expect. How could anyone foresee this outcome? As Democrat Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill, to know what is in the bill.” Good Job Democrats destroying small businesses across America.

Foot in Mouth Disease


Much like his boss, President Obama, Secretary of State also placed his foot in his mouth. Just before al Qaeda executed the massacre in Mali, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “al Qaeda was neutralized.” Looks like there is a pair of “Boobs in the Box.”


Kerry Claims Al Qaeda Is ‘Neutralized’ Before Mali Attack – Leah Barkoukis

Just as President Obama claimed ISIS had been contained nine hours before the attacks on Paris, so too Secretary of St.11/23/2015 13:10:52PM EST.