Coming to America Soon

Nothing epitomizes the failure of Europe’s immigration policies more than the notorious “no-go zones.”

For decades, the West has opened its borders to people who don’t share their values, and the West has utterly failed to assimilate these people. To even suggest that they should assimilate, is now considered racist in many European countries.

The result is the rise of dozens of no-go zones, which dot the urban landscapes of Europe. These are places that act as ethnic enclaves within their host countries. They are nations within nations, where outsiders are routinely shunned, berated, and beaten if they dare enter. In addition to that, they’ve become hotbeds of terrorism and civil unrest. And believe it or not, these Islamic no-go zones are beginning to show up in the United States.

Places like the Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis, where Shariah cops make house checks to make sure Somali refugees are not becoming too Westernized, and Hamtramck, Michigan, where the call to prayer is blasted over loudspeakers in Arabic and storefronts that once peddled Polish sausage are now brimming with halal meats. These are the early warning signs of a budding no-go zone.

Just Lay Back and Enjoy Being Raped

Abid Jee a Muslim mediator in Italy defended gang rape by Muslims. His reasoning was, “Women Enjoyed the Rape Like Normal Intercourse When Woman Calms.”

Abid Jee wrote that rape was “Worse (than what I’m not sure), but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and they enjoy it like normal intercourse.”

Abid Jee made these comments after the rape attacks on tourists from Poland and Peru in Rimini, Italy.

Isn’t that good to know. After the “willy” goes in, women relax, calm, and enjoy being raped. Brought to you by the Politics of Islam.

The GOP Leadership Didn’t Mean It

They lied to you and every person that voted for Donald Trump. The GOP lied when they said, “Repeal Obamacare.” The GOP lied when they said, “End illegal immigration.” The GOP lied when they said, “Build the wall.” The GOP lied, “To every promise they made. THE GOP LIED.

Many of these liars are coming up for reelection. SAY NO, to every one of them. If a true Supporter of President Trump does not win the primary. STAY HOME. The lying republicans do not deserve your vote. Much better to say home and let a democrat take the seat. At least then we know who the traitors are. The only way to clean the swamp, is to first clean out the GOP turncoats.

In the Media World of All Islamophobia and ONLY Islamophobia

Recall the 24/7 reporting about the “hate crime” when someone put a slice of bacon on a mosque.

I can’t wait to watch the media reports on this…

A Muslim, Sheidali Dzhalilov, was arrested for urinating on the front door of a Northeast Philadelphia synagogue and giving the finger to a security camera recording the act.

I bet you see this NONSTOP on CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the media.

Funding Hate

Who funds the Southern Poverty Law Center, the SPLC “Hate Map.” Not to mince words, but by funding this list, J.P. Morgan, Apple, and many other corporations are saying they support labeling Christian organizations that oppose gay marriage as “hate groups.” They support labeling Christian organizations that oppose abortion as “hate groups.”

But, who is the real “Hate Group?”

Let’s not forget by funding the SPLC, J.P. Morgan, Apple, and many other corporations supported the SPLC’s statement, “Charles Murray, author of the well-regarded book “Losing Ground,” is a “white nationalist.” When in fact, Charles Murray, is married to an Asian woman and has Asian daughters, so the slur is ludicrous. As a result of the SPLC’s slander, Charles Murray, has been physically assaulted on campus.

Another consequence of the SPLC. In 2012 a gay-marriage supporter named Floyd Corkins smashed into the Family Research Council’s headquarters and shot a security guard. He told police he was inspired by the SPLC’s “hate group” designation.

J.P. Morgan, Apple, and all corporations need to be held accountable for supporting these lies and slander.

Racist CNN Commentator Keith Boykin

CNN’s Keith Boykin, commented on Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King. CNN’s Keith Boykin said, “she is just a token right-wing black woman.”

For the record Alveda King is a distinguished speaker, an author, a bold pro-life advocate, and a civil rights activist.

However, these are not the first racist comments by CNN. When Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis and Kanye West visited President Trump. CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill called President Trump’s visitors “mediocre negroes.”

Nice to see democrats are still as racist as they were when they founded the KKK.

The Democrat Party Today

Left-Wing Thug Destroys 200-Year-Old Christopher Columbus Monument with Sledgehammer

Democrat(Alt-Left) thugs took a sledgehammer to a 225-year-old Christopher Columbus monument in the middle of Sunday night and posted it to YouTube.

The thugs held up two signs that read:

“Racism: Tear it down” and

“The future is racial and economic justice”


It began by demonizing Confederate Monuments. But it never was about the Confederacy. It was always about destroying our heritage and history. Their goal was always to destroy America.