FBI Stats Demolish NFL Protest Narrative

Another Surge in Black Homicides — And Police Had Nothing to Do with It

Contrary to the Black Lives Matter narrative, the police have much more to fear from black males than black males have to fear from the police.

Apart from the FBI data, four separate studies were published last year refuting the claim that police shootings are racially-biased, but facts often have little effect on committed left-wingers who hate America. Democrats, whose party officially endorsed the violent, subversive Black Lives Matter movement, won’t allow their bubbles to be burst by hard evidence, no matter how persuasive.

FBI Stats Demolish NFL Protest Narrative

FBI Stats Demolish NFL Protest Narrative

Yet another surge in black homicides — and police had nothing to do with it.

Source: www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/268009/fbi-stats-demolish-nfl-protest-narrative-matthew-vadum

Did the Oakland Raiders Throw a Game, Intentionally?

If True, This is an Epic NFL Scandal?

A report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world after it was claimed that members of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem.

If true, this would essentially mean that an NFL football game was illegally thrown over anger that one of the team’s star white players did not believe that kneeling during the nation’s anthem was the correct way to protest supposed racial injustice in America.

During the anthem, virtually the entire team was seen kneeling other than the team’s coaches and star quarterback Derek Carr. Unfortunately, this may have not set well with the team’s offensive line as they were apparently the players who spearheaded the entire idea to kneel as a team in the first.

According to reports, comments by other players said, “He wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field.”

If TRUE, this scandal could, and should end the NFL.

How the NFL Feels

Former NFL player Shannon Sharpe, went on a hateful rant on Friday. Sharpe, a former NFL tight end who spent all but two of his 12 seasons with the Denver Broncos. Sharp said, the American flag is no big deal anyway, that it’s just a “piece of cloth” that “nobody fights for” and that it’s a symbol that’s somehow “racist” to boot.

Hit Em Where it Hurts

BREITBART: “For years, fans have watched the NFL use the threat of fines and suspensions to shut down every form of self-expression. Players were not allowed to raise awareness for domestic violence or breast cancer; they were threatened if they dared suggest honoring slain police officers or even victims of the September 11 terror attacks.”

However, the single exception the NFL offered was to allow these spoiled millionaires to go ahead and spit on the American flag and the anthem.

For Those That Say Walls Don’t Work

There is a border wall in existence that reduced illegal immigration by over 99%. Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary put up a double fence along the border of his country with Serbia, and the results were staggering.

Illegal Immigration Numbers: Before Wall 391,000, 2015. After Wall 1,184, 2017.

Nope, can hardly tell the difference.

Danger Danger Danger Global Warming Update

Massive Arctic Ice Gain Over The Past Five Years


Al (the Blimp) Gore’s 2007 prediction that all arctic ice would be gone by 2014.

Al Gore’s 2007 prediction that all arctic ice would be gone by 2014 now proven to be alarming fear mongering

Al Gore’s 2007 prediction that all arctic ice would be gone by 2014 now proven to be alarming fear mongering

Al Gore’s 2007 prediction that all arctic ice would be gone by 2014 now proven to be alarming fear mongering

Source: www.naturalnews.com/042074_Al_Gore_global_warming_predictions.html

You Decide

Listen and make-up your own mind. Listen to them laugh, when Cronkite mentioned the Messiah. Walter Cronkite said, “Join me, I’m Proud to Sit at the Right Hand of Satan.”

Fake News – Lies of Omission

First the Fake News, another hurricane, and more doom. Please, don’t misunderstand, these are damaging, life threatening events. DO NOT take them lightly. But after the fake news of the last one. Anyone remember the “news” pictures that showed Miami under several feet of water, for miles. Just for review here are several images that were widely published.




As it turned out nothing like that happened. But it was Fake News, made-up just for ratings and profit.


Lies of Omission

And here is the Fake News using Lies of Omission. Always remember, what you are not being told is most times more important, that what you are told. The recovery. After Katrina, there was days and days, of criticizing President Bush’s handling the recovery. Now with two back to back devastating hurricanes, not much reporting on the government response. Hmmm wonder why?

Could be a lot was learned after Katrina. And no, I am not giving personal credit to President Trump for a good job being done. No more that I held President Bush responsible for the failures. But the media refuses to report the great work being done by the government. Because if they did, they few President Trump would look good.

As a result, thousands and thousands of good hardworking government relief workers are being ignored. And the job and work they are doing is being ignored. I rarely, if ever credit the government for doing anything right. This time I think they got it right.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg Aid Ethnic Cleansing

Yes, it is true. Facebook and Zuckerberg are purging posts and reports of ethnic cleansing. Why? For profit, why else. They scrub the accounts murder, rape, and violence for more readers. And more profit!

Mohammad Anwar, a Kuala Lumpur-based Rohingya activist and journalist with the site RohingyaBlogger.com, told The Daily Beast that Facebook has repeatedly deleted his posts about violence in Rakhine State, and has threatened to disable his account.

He shared screenshots with The Daily Beast of posts that Facebook removed.



In a political year that has blown up conventional wisdom, the special election to fill the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation to Attorney General, may further upend the status quo.

In an August 15th GOP primary, controversial former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore, bested interim Senator Luther Strange by roughly 6 percent, forcing a September 26 run-off. On primary night, Moore touted his maverick reputation.

“I’m running to make a difference in Washington, and those in Washington are scared,” he said.


Even here in the North, this race is being watched. The GOP candidate, just got crushed by a Trump independent. This had better send a message. Support your President, of be run out of office. However, I expect in their arrogant bubble world, they will continue as normal. They are locked into the paradigm, only republicans and democrats can play in Washington. Democrats and Republicans have not yet realized there is a storm coming.

And that storm is Americans. Citizens, both democrat and republican, are tired of watching their party, care about everyone in the world, except them. American citizens are tired of watching politicians, get rich with bribes for favorable legislation. Americans, are tired of watching their culture being destroyed and rewritten, while politicians either ignore or support the revisionist history. Americans, of all races, are tired of watching politicians inflame race relations.

I still hope President Trump, can stop the coming civil war.

Alabama Senate primary: Moore’s popularity shakes GOP establishment

Alabama Senate primary: Moore’s popularity shakes GOP establishment

In a political year that has blown up conventional wisdom, the special election to fill the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation to Attorney General, may further upend the status quo.

Source: www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/09/12/alabama-senate-primary-moores-popularity-shakes-gop-establishment.html