For Your Contemplation

One year under President Trump’s leadership. The number of Black Americans unemployed is at its lowest point ever recorded. Democrats have held Blacks on their plantation for 50-years and never improved their standing. Thoughts?

Just My Opinion

Call me what you want, but I believe every illegal should be deported. However, I am also a very, very flawed Christian. I am willing, to consider a path to citizenship if they were brought here as a young child. And, in this instance think age 10 and younger, counts as a young child.

My reason for this is simple. For those above age 10, they will have been indoctrinated into their native culture. They can easily go home and live.

Now I do have a few caveats to this amnesty. First, and not up for debate. They must be 100%, fluent in English, both spoken and written. If they came to America at age 6 and lived here for 15 years and still cannot speak and write English. They do not want to integrate, simple as that. If they are not fluent in English, then, they must be fluent in their native language. And can return home.

Second, and also not up for debate. Their parents must self deport and apply for legal entry. The child cannot receive their citizenship, until their parents are legal immigrants. If the parents choose not to apply for legal entry. Then the child’s continued citizenship is dependent on their parents not illegally entering America again.

Meet these two criteria, and I can accept a path to citizenship for the DACA.

Anyone Else?

Find it interesting that, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been “removed” from the bureau following FBI Chief Christopher Wray reading the secret FISA memo alleging wrongdoing by the Justice Department and Obama administration.

Top 10 Cities by Homeless Population

All Have Something in Common

It turns out that the 10 cities with the most homeless people in the United States are not conservative at all, they’re Democrat enclaves where big-government policies are failing miserably.

If you listen to the left, it’s greedy, money-grabbing Republicans who hurt the poor, but what does actual reality show us?

How left is some of the cities?

While the mayoral position in that city is officially non-partisan, the current Mayor Jenny Durkan, their first female mayor and a lesbian and gay rights advocate, is strongly liberal and Democrat. Seattle’s city council is so one-sided it borders on parody. Eight out of nine council members are Democrats. No, the ninth isn’t Republican… he’s openly part of the Marxist-left “Socialist Alternative” party. So diverse!

Chuck Is Following Pelosi In Trashing Workers’ Bonuses

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) on Thursday called the bonuses and wage increases that companies have given workers due to the Republican tax reform law “crumbs,” echoing the rhetoric of his counterpart in the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).

So who reading this thinks receiving $1000 is just crumbs and not worth getting?

Socialist Sanders Bails

Socialist Bernie Sanders backed out of an interview with Seven Days Monday morning after the newspaper refused to accept conditions his staff attempted to set. Socialist Sanders would not comment on his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, being investigated for fraud by federal prosecutors over her role leading the now-defunct Burlington college.

To their credit, Seven Days informed Socialist Sanders it does not allow politicians to set such restrictions in exchange for access.

When later contacted by Seven Days, for an interview, Socialist Bernie Sanders replied, “I don’t talk to gossip columnists,” the senator shot back. “I talk about issues.” Well unless those issues are an FBI investigation into his wife for fraud.