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Camaro 02

I have long thought one of the issues with cars is buying them just isn’t fun anymore. In an effort to become more efficient the car corporations have sucked the joy out of buying a new car. Back in the day you bought a new car so you could get the options you wanted.

Today that simply is not an issue. With the complete lack of ability to order a uniquely options car. It makes little difference whether you buy new or used. Just pick out the color they are all the same. To illustrate my point let’s look at the 1969 Camaro. I will ignore all the hundreds of little options. Here is a list of just the major ones, engine, transmission, exterior color and interior. Okay, I’ll throw in the different models of Camaro.

Any wonder the car industry has tanked. Spend $30,000 and not have any fun.


Models Available – Total 10

Sport Coupe

Sport Coupe Convertible


RS Convertible


Z/28 Convertible


SS Convertible



This does not account for the double models produces such as the RS/SS


Engines – Total of different options 15

6 – Cylinder

L26     230ci/140HP

L22     250ci/155HP

8 – Cylinder

L14     307ci/200HP

LF7     327ci/210HP

L30     327ci/275HP

LM1    350ci/255HP

L65     350ci/250HP

L48     350ci/295HP*

L35     396ci/325HP

L34     396ci/350HP

L78     396ci/375HP

L78/L89      396ci/375HP

Z28     302ci/290HP

L72     427ci/425HP

ZL1     427ci/430HP


Transmissions – Total different available 8


Powerglide Transmission

TH350 Transmission

TH400 Transmission


Manual 3-speed Transmissions

There were two 3-speed manual transmissions, base and heavy-duty.

Manual 4-speed Transmissions

Here there were 3 different 4-speed manual transmissions, Wide Ratio (M20), Close Ratio (M21) and D Close Ratio (M22), the “Rockcrusher”


Exterior Colors – 36 different exterior colors


Amethyst Met.

Bright Blue Met.

Butternut Yellow

Caribbean Turquoise Met.

Castillion Bronze Met.

Champagne Met.

Claret Red Met.

Dark Gold Met.

Dark Turquoise Met.

Dk. Blue Met.

Dk. Brown Met.

Dk. Green Met.

Fire Glow Orange Met.

Gold Met.

Grey Met.

Jade Met.

Light Blue

Lime Met.

Maroon Met.

Medium Blue Met.

Nocturne Blue Met.

Nugget Gold Met.

Olive Beige

Olive Met.

Rallye Green Met.



Russet Copper Met.

Silver Met.

Sunset Silver Met.

Turquoise Met.

Verdoro Green   Met.




Interiors – 15 Different interiors available

Standard Bucket Seats


Dark Blue

Medium Red

Medium Green

Midnight Green


Custom Bucket Seats


Dark Blue

Medium Red

Medium Green

Midnight Green

Black Houndstooth

Ivory Houndstooth

Orange Houndstooth

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