What Your Owners Do Not Want You to Know

Illegally, Judges and Prosecutors are telling jurors, “Upon your return to the jury room, it is your duty to weigh and to evaluate all of the evidence calmly and dispassionately and, in that process, to decide what the facts are.  To the facts as you find them, you must apply the law as I give it to you, whether you agree with the law or not, which is just as you promised to do in the Oath that you took at the beginning of the case.”

Jury Nullification is absolutely legal. And it is a RIGHT protected by the Constitution. Juries throughout our history have, nullified immoral laws, blocked overzealous prosecutors, improperly applied justice and other reasons. Regardless what you are told. You do not have to imprison anyone because of an immoral or unjust law.

No matter what you are told, Jury Nullification is legal. Those in power WILL lie to you.

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