The Deep State

This is a term most if not all, are not familiar with. Although many will know it by other names, the elite, shadow government, military industrial complex, and many others. However, I think the term “Deep State” is most appropriate.

At its base the Deep State, believes in power, its own. The citizens are far too stupid to live their lives without the direction and aid of the Deep State. To maintain its power and control, the Deep State need to distract and occupy the citizens from what is really happening. To this end, the media is co-opted and controlled by the Deep State. This was great, until the evil internet allowed unfiltered “truth” to the masses. Now, that unfiltered truth is branded as “fake news.” Losing control of the official truth is dangerous and must be stopped.

The election of Donald Trump, is a grave danger to the Deep State. The last President that stood against the Deep State, was John F. Kennedy. And we know how that ended. John F. Kennedy directly challenged the Deep State, firing CIA Director Allen Dulles after the Bay of Pigs disaster. He was assassinated, and whether or not CIA involvement is ever conclusively proven, the allegations have been useful to the agency, keeping politicians in line.

The Deep State grew in power during the 1950’s. The Soviet Union was the perfect foe. A mythic target of evil to keep focused on. The Soviets detonated an atomic bomb in 1949. Followed by, a nuclear arms race, a space race, maintenance of a globe-spanning military, political, and economic confederation, and a huge expansion of the size and power of the military and intelligence complex were justified by the Soviet, and later, the Red Chinese threats. Then catastrophe, the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Much of the military-industrial complex was suddenly deprived of its reason for existence. The threat was gone.

With the threat gone, talks of peace dividends, scaling back the military, and the intelligence agencies, the complex was sorely in need of a new enemy. There was too much money and power at stake for the complex to shrink.

The 9/11 attacks. It does seem convenient, just when the Deep State needs a new boogieman, we are attacked. Americans surrendered liberties and gave the Deep State carte blanche to fight a war on terrorism that would span the globe, target all those whom the government identified as terrorists, and never be conclusively won or lost. The perfect foe, one you can fight forever and never win. Funding for the Deep State ballooned, the military was deployed on multiple fronts, and the surveillance state blossomed.

Now President elect Trump, questions why have the US been involved in long, costly, bloody, and inconclusive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why should the US get involved in similar conflicts in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, and other Middle Eastern and Northern African hotspots? Questions for which there are no answers. These questions pose a grave and deep danger to the Deep State.

President elect Trump further questions, has “free trade” agreements and porous borders been a net benefit or detriment to the US? Why is the banking industry set up for periodic crises that inevitably require government bail-outs? Why does every debt crisis result in more debt? How has encouraging debt and speculation at the expense of savings and investment helped the US economy?

The Deep State has no answer, it cannot even acknowledge these questions. Because they all touch on its failures. Brexit, Donald Trump, other populist, nationalist movements catching fire, and the rise of the alternative media are wrecking balls aimed at the Deep State.

The fanatical shenanigans in the US after Trump’s election. Violent protests, hysterical outbursts, the vote recount effort, the proof-free Russian hacking allegations, “fake news,” and the attempt to sway electoral college electors. These are the desperate screams of those trapped inside. They reek of despair, not strength. Trump, and the world wide populist movement represents an opportunity to strike a blow against the Deep State, but the chances it will be lethal are minimal and the dangers obvious.

The Deep State is scared, there is nothing more dangerous than a scared, trapped animal. The Deep State is amoral, and will do anything to hold power. President Trump and the other populist, anti-elite leaders need to be careful, there will be dangerous times ahead.

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