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If, as Democrats have espoused for years, there is no “voter fraud,” then they should be cheering Trump’s investigation. What a perfect vehicle to expose Trump as a paranoid conspiracist. Democrats should be cheering Trump forward. In order to expose him as a cranky loon.

So why the vehement opposition to any investigation? Is there a systemic acceptance? If democrats do not support voter fraud, then they need to explain some of their actions.

In 2012, Florida state officials tried to remove 51,308 dead people from the voting rolls. Obama’s Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder sued Florida to keep dead people registered to vote. Why?

Ohio Democrats cheered Melowese Richardson at a May 2014 Cincinnati-area rally, as Townhall’s Guy Benson recalls. Richardson was convicted of voting twice in 2012 and casting ballots in three earlier elections on behalf of her comatose sister.

Media Matters ridiculed vote fraud concerns as “a series of myths that right-wing media have pushed for years.” So why not let President Trump investigate and make a fool of himself.

No I think an investigation will reveal wide-spread and planned voter fraud across America. I think the size and scope of the fraud will shock Americans.

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