Im Flüchtlingsheim vergewaltigt: Öffentlichkeit soll nichts erfahren Raped in the refugee hostel – Public should learn nothing

English translation of the German article:
A 13 year old girl * is apparently in June in a Detmolder Release of an asylum-seeker who had been raped. Since then the Police keeps the case under the ceiling. The suspect is in custody.

In Detmold, since October several hundred asylum seekers housed in eight former British blocks. The peacefully with their neighbors works relatively well. As in other cities, there are problems, it is generally within the accommodation.

In Detmold is indeed serious in Westphalia-sheet-information the rape of a 13-year-old. The girl from Asia was with his mother who fled to Germany, and also in order to avoid sexual abuse in his home country. The offender should be an asylum seeker from the same country as the girl.

The girl appeared in the police report, however, is not intended for the general public. Is system behind it? The WESTFALEN-sheet made the sample and asked on Wednesday when the police Detmold, what offenses it has to do around the asylum seekers’ home. The subject will be kept so sensitive that the spokesman until after consultation with District President Friedhelm Heuwinkel linking (CDU) comment. In the written response, you said: “When the deeds are in the majority to control shrinkage. Because of the spatial close within such an institution was experiencing technical conflicts among the inhabitants. But there was also little policing in this respect in the accommodation.”

“Not a word of the rape”

Not a word about the rape of the girl. There is no reason why the crimes should be kept secret. The employees in the asylum seekers’ home, after all, what you know, professional and compassionate care to the girl and his mother.Tobias Bockermann, Samaritan Workers’ Federation (ASB) is the deputy head of the East westphalia-lippe Zentralen-Unterbringungs setup. He says: “The neighbors had noticed the fact and turned to one of the volunteer interpreters, then informed us. The security service has taken the suspect immediately, and we have him handed over to the police.” The victim and his mother had been offered psychological help. Also had a room for several days in the medical center of the Fluchtlingsheims made available to their peace and quiet, where you would have had. Meanwhile, mother and daughter stayed in a different city.

Why should this case not known? Raised on the rape, said District Administrator Friedhelm Heuwinkel linking, he did “not know’. No one was in the police itself for an additional opinion.

Public prosecutor Ralf Vetter said on Wednesday, against the alleged perpetrators will be charged in the near future. He has to be before the Court.

A comment by Christian Althoff

an asylum-seeker raped a girl – this information the police did not get out to the public.
In 1814 the police rape last year in North rhine-westphalia . Time the perpetrators were foreigners, time there were German.

The police plays with your disinformation right-wing radicals in the hands, which have always suspect that crime committed by foreigners in Germany is to be systematically swept under the carpet.

Perhaps feared the police, the publication could lead to extreme right-wing demos? That would be too short. Because no later than at the trial of the offender would be the case anyway has become public.

With their tactics, the police lacks credibility. If you them fades from the next time a local residents informed of Asylbewerberheimen, may well be asked whether the complete truth tells you there.



German Police Covering Up Rapes so as ‘Not to Legitimize Critics of Mass Migration’


Prison » German Police Covering Up Rapes so as ‘Not to Legitimize Critics of Mass Migration’




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