You’re Overpaying for Drugs and Your Pharmacist Can’t Tell You

Gag clauses stop pharmacists from pointing out a cheaper way.     Cigna, UnitedHealth and Humana face at least 16 lawsuits.

There is something called a “Clawback.”

Let me try and explain how this works for drugs. I have lived for years with no insurance and learned how to control my cost. It really is not that difficult.

I only use generic drugs. For all but one, I make sure they are on the low-cost schedule. That makes my cost $10 for a 90-day supply. I think you can see the problem if your insurance has a $20 or $25 copay. Now, let me explain more in detail.

For the drug, I pay $10 for, the insurance companies have negotiated a cost of say $7.50. Here is what happens. If you do not use your insurance, you will be charged just $10. Where if you use your insurance, you pay $20. Now remember, the druggist is under a gag-order not to tell you how you could save money. And here is why. Every time you use your insurance the insurance company turns a profit of $12.50. More that the drug would have cost if you just paid.

Think about this next time you are prescribed a drug. With just a little bit of effort you can save hundreds on drugs. Here is a website I use “” I have no connection to it other than it saves me money. Just enter your zip code and the drug you need and you can get a coupon for the cheapest places in your region. I also use it to compare different drugs to find the best prices.

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