Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is Setting Pretty


The furniture shopping sprees equaled about $6,000 for every one of the agency’s 15,492 employees, according to federal spending data made public by the government watchdog OpenTheBooks.com.

The Environmental Protection Agency over the past decade has spent a whopping $92.4 million to purchase, rent, install and store office furniture ranging from fancy hickory chairs and a hexagonal wooden table, worth thousands of dollars each, to a simple drawer to store pencils that cost $813.57.


Golden Hammer: EPA’s fondness for high-end furniture costs taxpayers $92 million – Washington Times

The federal agency that has the job of protecting the environment doesn’t seem to have too much concern for trees, at least the ones cut down to make furniture.

Source: www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/sep/24/golden-hammer-epas-fondness-for-high-end-furniture/



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