Cause and Effect

Anyone with a few years on them remember a GREAT outdoor game called, “Jarts.” I’m sure my cousins all remember hours of playing Jarts at the Wapsi cabin weekends. A wonderful outdoor game, was destroyed by stupid people. Looking at the “Jart,” unless you are a total idiot, you know some amount of care and caution is needed. Yes, people actually impaled each other. In the end, nanny government stepped in and banned the game from being sold. That is one cause and effect.

However, I think there is another cause and effect. Yes, people too stupid to use them safely were not injured or killed. But now the effect. By not being removed from the genepool they have been allowed to reproduce. Now, after two or three generations they have devolved humanity. No longer are people just too dumb to be able to play Jarts. Now they progeny have grown so stupid, they cannot even tell if they are male or female.

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