How Dumb Can They Be

Former Asst. Defense Secretary, Evelyn Farkas is under heavy fire for her appearance on MSNBC where she admitted to knowing that the Trump camp was being surveilled. Now she is trying to do some damage control. She appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to walk back her statements. In her interview with CNBC, she claimed, “SHE ONLY KNEW WHAT WAS ALREADY IN THE PRESS.”

Just one problem.

Check the time line on the stories.

She appeared on MSNBC, March 2nd. That is very important to notice, March 2nd.

It was on March 4th, when Trump first Tweeted, he was wiretapped.

Remember Evelyn Farkas talked about Trump being surveilled March 2nd, and Trump first Tweeted March 4th. There was NOTHING in the press before March 4th. So how did Evelyn Farkas hear about it from the press, when there was nothing in the press.

It seems to me Evelyn Farkas has a problem with the truth. She needs questioned by a Congressional Investigative Committee. Under OATH, and jail for perjury.

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