Global Warming Alarmists

Wrong Again…

After a decade or more of warnings from global warming alarmists about reductions in snowfall in California, Oregon and Washington state, current data show those regions are significantly above average levels of snow-pack.

The research findings of climate alarmists studying California, Oregon, and Washington state has been reduced snowfall. Some alarmists even lamented it could be “the end of snow,” as Porter Fox did for the New York Times in 2014. Yet, despite these extreme predictions, which also blamed humans for burning the fossil fuels that caused the warmer temperatures.

And Now – “As of Thursday, the snowpack across the entire Sierra was at 164% of average for this time of year,” reported the Times. “The northern region was at 147%, the central was at 175% and the southern was 164% of average, respectively, state data showed.”

The Bend, a newspaper in central Oregon, reported in January the central Oregon region had received “historic snow depths” that smashed records going back at least 20 years.

These findings are in total contradiction to the claims made by climate change alarmists over the past decade. For instance, in 2015, climate change researchers at the University of Arizona claimed their findings revealed the “extreme character” of the Sierra Nevada snowpack and the changing nature of California winters.

“Our study really points to the extreme character of the 2014-15 winter,” said Valerie Trouet, a professor at the University of Arizona’s Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. “This is not just unprecedented over 80 years—it’s unprecedented over 500 years.”

“We should be prepared for this type of snow drought to occur much more frequently because of rising temperatures,” Trouet said. “Anthropogenic warming is making the drought more severe.”

As recent data clearly show, nothing could be further from the truth. Once again, the “Climate Alarmist Scientists” are 100% WRONG! They believers keep calling anyone that doesn’t believe in Global Warming, “science deniers.” But answer me this, I can show hundreds of dire predictions published around the world, EVERY ONE of them has failed to happen. Can you show me published predictions of climate catastrophe that has happened?

And just to name a couple famous ones. After Hurricane Katrina, the climate scientists predicted that class 4 and 5 hurricanes would be common. With two or three making landfall every year. After that prediction, we when what? Fourteen years with ZERO hurricanes. And then, an article from The Independent titled “Snowfalls Are Now Just a Thing of The Past.” Written in the year 2000, global warmists are claiming that snowfall is a thing of the past in Britain. And yet, in 2009, heavy snow has fallen across large parts of the UK, disrupting travel and closing thousands of schools. At least 350,000 people are stranded across Europe as snow and ice shut down airports, roads and rail systems during the holiday travel season. More winter weather in the forecast means many travelers will not be able to get on with their plans until at least Wednesday.

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