The Education Establishment

The liberal progressive education mantra… “Keep people dumb; our time will come.”

The liberal progressive “Education Establishment” treats knowledge as if it were a toxic spill that must be kept away from students.  Board up the windows; tape the doors; wrap the buildings in three-mil. plastic.

The fact students now graduate high school dumber than a box of rocks is no accident. Dumbing down graduates is the goal. I assure you that the liberal progressives in charge of our schools are methodical about using any pretext to minimize student’s contamination by knowledge.

To stop teaching in a school, the “Education Establishment” have devised a slew of new gimmicks. One of the stranger ones is called Prior Knowledge.

The premise of “Prior Knowledge” is, if you learn something, and it can stand there like a roadblock and stop all further progress. That “Prior Knowledge” can mess you up.  Better not take any chances.  Don’t learn anything ever again.

Another gimmick, no need to learn, all information is on Google. No need to actually learn, just search every time you need an answer. But wait! A hundred years ago, everything was in encyclopedias. Nobody thought to say students don’t need to know anything in them.

Even more piffle there is this education gem of knowledge. As students work their way through school, they may be memorizing information in each grade level, but are they really learning? It’s not just that knowing or having been taught facts.  Knowing facts does not make you smart. A mostly fact-oriented education may actually interfere with your becoming smart. There you have it, stop trying to teach facts. Then everything would be fine.

Pay attention to what these people clearly want: a citizenry that does not know enough to think for itself.  The plan seems to be, Keep People Dumb; Our Time Will Come.  Knowledge is power, and our “Education Establishment” doesn’t want the peasants to have any.

And it seems they have succeeded we have high school graduates so ignorant they can no longer decide if they are boys or girls. Let alone any topic that requires real cogitative skills. Our children are receiving a K-12 lobotomy.

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