I Wonder Why

It seems on Tuesday, May 16, it was reported that WikiLeaks, email dumps from the DNC, was NOT from the Russians. The information instead came from a DNC staffer, Seth Rich. And yet now, three days later not a word on any of the fake news media channels. I guess it is only news if it fits the approved agenda. If not, then never report it.

The information taken by Seth Rich was transferred to WikiLeaks by an intermediary, Gavin MacFadyen. Just a final note Seth Rich was murdered and Gavin MacFadyen, has also passed away.

Family of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich blasts detective over report of WikiLeaks link

The Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down on July 10 on a Washington, D.C., street last July just steps from his home had leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, law enforcement sources told Fox News.

Source: www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/16/slain-dnc-staffer-had-contact-with-wikileaks-investigator-says.html

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