Hollywood Bombs

And no one there, can figure out why. Here is a thought. Take a look at the map below.

See all that red! Maybe people there are tired of “celebrities” telling them how stupid and ignorant they are. Maybe they are tired of progressives preaching they need to evolve. Maybe they are tired of every movie and TV program promoting leftist ideals and perversion. And, just maybe they are tired of being nothing but flyover country.

No Hollywood continue to make moves only for the blue counties and see how that works. Cancel any TV show with traditional values regardless of how well it is rated. I quit going to movies. Why? Because I got tired no matter what kind it was, action, comedy, drama, or anything there was only one message. Promote homosexuals, promote transsexuals, bash white men, bash husbands, bash traditional marriage, in fact, bash anything traditional and promote every perversion.

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