Fake New Media Refuses to Report

Media outlets cannot be bothered to report something that dramatically destroys their narrative.

So, it goes without saying that when NASA confirmed that ocean levels have actually been falling for the past few years, the media would be more than silent.

As the global warming narrative quickly unravels, and leftists scramble to throw accusations at those who dare question the false data, the media brushes facts under the rug. Amidst revelations of scientific fraud, data alteration and faked “hockey stick” data models, the fake news media remains suspiciously silent over the fact that NASA now confirms ocean levels have been falling for nearly two years.

Let me repeat:


After decades of only having a couple of years to save the planet. We are learning there is nothing to save it from. EVERY, cataclysmic doomsday prediction has come and gone. And their answer? To put a new end of the world date. Time and time again, we have passed the point of no return.

Since we are well past the point of no return at least 10-time. I say forget global warming and just party. Remember, there is nothing we can do…we are past the point of no return, again.

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