Fake News – Lies of Omission

First the Fake News, another hurricane, and more doom. Please, don’t misunderstand, these are damaging, life threatening events. DO NOT take them lightly. But after the fake news of the last one. Anyone remember the “news” pictures that showed Miami under several feet of water, for miles. Just for review here are several images that were widely published.




As it turned out nothing like that happened. But it was Fake News, made-up just for ratings and profit.


Lies of Omission

And here is the Fake News using Lies of Omission. Always remember, what you are not being told is most times more important, that what you are told. The recovery. After Katrina, there was days and days, of criticizing President Bush’s handling the recovery. Now with two back to back devastating hurricanes, not much reporting on the government response. Hmmm wonder why?

Could be a lot was learned after Katrina. And no, I am not giving personal credit to President Trump for a good job being done. No more that I held President Bush responsible for the failures. But the media refuses to report the great work being done by the government. Because if they did, they few President Trump would look good.

As a result, thousands and thousands of good hardworking government relief workers are being ignored. And the job and work they are doing is being ignored. I rarely, if ever credit the government for doing anything right. This time I think they got it right.

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