The LA Times Asked Readers To “Rewrite” The Second Amendment

Here is mine!

Second Amendment:

Every American citizen over the age of fourteen may purchase a long gun. Such as rifle or shotgun. Every American citizen over the age of eighteen may purchase a pistol. No, authority – Federal, State, or Local may infringe in anyway with this right. Every citizen legally allowed to purchase said firearm, may carry without restrictions, federal, state, or local. No authority may impose any restrictions on capacity of magazines or internal ammunitions capacities. No authority, federal, state, or local my attach any taxation, duty, toll, or assessment, to the purchase of firearms, magazines, or ammunition. The only restriction on a citizen’s ability to own a firearm is the conviction of a violent felony, or professional diagnosis of a mental disorder, and institutional commitment for such disease. The mental disorder must also make them a danger to others. No authority or jurisdiction, may require the registration of any legally owned firearm, magazine, or ammunition.

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