Convinced Yet?

Democrat – Republican Just Different Wings of the Same Bird.

Look back at the 2016 election. You, me, America, voted Donald Trump, President. We gave republicans control of the House and Senate. Now almost a year after the election, name ONE accomplishment of the House and Senate. They have had a mandate from Americans since 2012, REPUBLICANS, have controlled both the House and Senate. The Republicans and GOP, blames Obama for not getting anything done. Then in 2016, We the People, gave Republicans and GOP control of House, Senate, and Presidency. And has the Republicans and GOP accomplished? NOTHING!

If you support President Trump, and his agenda. Then forget Republicans and the GOP. Unless a candidate has shown his support for our agenda. VOTE NO. If he is a republican incumbent and has not supported President Trump. Vote them out of office. Even if it means a Democrats wins. Withhold your vote for a RINO. Show these worthless Repubicrats the door. Then in 2020, work to see candidates that support the President Trump agenda, “America First,” win the primaries.

The elite swamp dwellers will do everything to see, nothing changes. We must make the change, they never will. The political war is about over. If we lose now, the next step is revolution. We see the left, ratcheting up violence. In the end their “anti-gun” polices will be their downfall. Mao Zedong, had one thing right “POLITICAL POWER GROWS OUT OF THE BARREL OF A GUN.”

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