You Might Still Love Your Country but Your Country No Longer Loves You

Take a look, night show hosts, comedians, talk shows, NFL, and more. Every one of them hates America. And just not America, they hate all of Western Civilization. The goal is elimination of the white race and all references. Democrats and their media accomplices have worked diligently to divide Americans into little voting groups. But worse they labored to demonize everything American. We see late night hosts openly saying, “If you are republican, don’t watch.” We have seen reports of numerous NFL players, saying if you don’t like the protests, stay away. But now a NFL player has sunk to a new low.

I’m going to name the lowlife. Cam Newton of the Charlotte Panthers. He made the following statement, “Colin Kapernick had made “the ultimate sacrifice.” REALLY! How about we ask the wives, husbands, children, and parents of our Military Heroes, about their loved one that was killed. If they think, Colin Kapernick made “the ultimate sacrifice? Cam Newton is slime, to even compare soldiers that made the true ultimate sacrifice, to Colin Kapernick that protested their sacrifice.

Now the real dirty little secret. I know we all turn off the NFL, and the rest of the leftist media, CNN, and the rest. We think by turning them off, their ratings tank and they lose money. BUT NO! CNN and the others wouldn’t make enough ad revenue, with their million watchers, to matter. They make their money from the cable companies. You pay CNN, MSNBC, and the rest even if you never turn them on.

Almost all of the cultural and political power possessed by Hollywood and the mainstream media is held up by a one-legged stool, a single leg that gets shakier by the month, this increasingly fragile appendage we call the Pay TV Package. Going forward, for reference purposes, the Pay TV Package is your cable or satellite bundle, which brings with it hundreds of channels and a monthly bill that dings you for $1000 to $1500 a year.

Without this bundle, almost every institution determined to destroy everything you hold dear — faith, family, country, individual liberty, self-reliance, prosperity, racial harmony, and moral decency — would disappear entirely or at least be much weaker than it currently is. Of course, I am talking about CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central, Disney, MTV, MSNBC, and the like — institutions you. YES YOU! Are subsidizing them all against your will.



How rigged? Ratings do not matter.


No matter the rating, the channel gets paid according to an agreement worked out with the cable companies. As of 2014, here are the top channels and how much money per month goes to them.

Hate them or not, YOU are giving CNN, $7.20 every year. If it was just you, no big deal. But so is every other cable subscriber. They are receiving MILLION from people that hate them. And laughing all the way to the bank.

What I propose is revolutionary…CUT THE CORD! WTF, am I thinking? No cable TV? I grew-up part of the TV-generation. It was central. I unplugged about 10-years-ago. Are there things I miss? Ya, but not really. There is life after television. And if I took the money I saves from the cable bill, I’d easily have $10,000, now. If you save an average of $1200. Think of banking that for 5-years. What a vacation, you and the family can have.

If you want to make the move, here are some simple steps. First, internet is a must. And honestly, buy an upper grade package. You need the speed and data allowances. Now, since you still want some entertainment, get Netflix, and Hulu. Cost for those two, about $20 a month. They are not the same programming. Netflix, will have older seasons of shows and I’d guess thousands of movies. Hulu, plays most of the current seasons shows. Not all, but many are there. Lots of others can be streamed from their networks, website.

Do not feel alone if you do cut the cord. Hundreds of thousands are cancelling cable every quarter. The cable companies are panicked and soon so will the CNN leftist networks. Per the Los Angeles Times, roughly 812,000 U.S. customers canceled their pay TV subscriptions, the second quarter of 2016. The total number of pay TV subscribers in America dropped by 1.1 million in 2015. These numbers seem to be accelerating.

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