Establishment Republicans Fall Like Dominoes

The “Establishment” does not understand what President Trump, has tapped into. They fail to acknowledge, or even see, what 40+ years of ignoring the will of the voters has done. In the last 40 years the only difference between the republicans and democrats, has been the “R” or “D” behind their name.

Both political parties have been taken over by elitist, and are corporate pawns. Neither party works for their voters or states. Corporate interests wholly own them. If you have a few years under your soles, you have watched as they fundamentally transformed America.

Through the influence of their corporate owners. Laws and regulations have been enacted to give every advantage to giant corporate monopolies. While at the same time crush small and independent businesses with mountains of regulations. We have watched independent businesses on main streets across America close. They cannot compete with giant corporations.

And we, yes, we are also responsible. We have become a nation that only cares about how “cheap” something is. Quality, durability, or permanency are not even a consideration for a purchase, only what is the cheapest price. Gone are the local stores that cared for YOU, as a customer. Now you go to a giant box store that couldn’t care less if you every buy from them again. But the sad truth is, they do not have to care. Because YOU, only looked for the cheapest price. You, have made it impossible to buy from anyone, but them. They do not have to care if you want to buy from them again. Because you have no choice, but to buy from them, all their competition is closed.

There was a time, when honest government was there to keep monopolies, from dominating. There were laws that protected the small and independent businesses. However, as politicians of both parties became stooges for only the elite interests, these laws were abolished. There was a time when a giant corporation, couldn’t sell a product cheaper to you, the consumer. Than your local appliance store could buy it wholesale from the manufacturer. These were called, “fair trade” laws.

These laws stopped giant retailers, like Sears, from directly underselling your local store. Pick a brand, how about Maytag. There were laws that dictated how cheaply, Sears, could sell a Maytag appliance. This stopped Sears, from using its immense buying power to undercut local businesses. Did you ever wonder why for decades, Sears sold only Kenmore appliances, and not brand names? It was done because they were regulated on how cheap they could sell a national brand like Maytag, but their house brand could be priced where they wanted. Government at one time kept an honest and level playing field between local business and giant corporations.

Again, I swerved off topic. Americans, of all colors, see corporations and foreign interests, placed ahead of theirs. There is a groundswell of “I’ve had it up to here,” feeling all across the country. The establishment have lived too long disconnected from the voters. They live in these tiny spheres, of friends and colleagues. I think they are a parallel, of the French Aristocracy, before the revolution. They do not comprehend the anger seething for what they are doing and have done. I doubt they will understand, even as the guillotine blade falls.

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