Trigger Words

Racist, NAZI, these are trigger attack words. They are used by the left, to stop any further debate. Today’s politicians and business leaders are absolutely terrified of being called either a racist or NAZI. With one notable exception, President Donald Trump. And there is the lesson to learn.

The only power these trigger words have, is the power, we give them. A couple years ago, I chose to embrace them. I happily, and proudly declare myself a racist. The word means nothing. People that know me, look at me like I’ve lost my mind. Because knowing me, they know I’m as far from a racist as a whitey can be. OOPs, my racism is showing. But that is the point, I am FREE. I can express my opinions, without fear. I have no fear of being called a racist, because I already labeled myself one. Once people get over their fear, these words and labels become just what they are, mere words, with no power.

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