Greatness of Western Civilization (part 1)

As a self-ascribed and admitted racist, NAZI, and White Supremacist, I openly say it is okay to be White. It is acceptable to be proud of the history of Western Civilization and the white race. In this series, I will acknowledge the accomplishments of Western Civilization. Even as a self-ascribed and admitted racist, NAZI, and White Supremacist, I am not ascribing Western Civilization is superiority of inferior to any other culture. I do believe, we have a MORAL imperative not to allow the destruction of Western Civilization, and our history and heritage.

I believe one of the greatest achievements of Western Civilization is the concept of individual rights. From this idea, everything else was accomplished. Individual Rights, is the very foundation that allowed everything else to follow.

One of the current “trigger concepts” is slavery. For some reason Whites and Western Civilization are the sole cause and demon of slavery. The ignorant that believe this simply are uneducated. Slavery has been practiced across the globe by all cultures. It has existed from prehistory to today. YES, slavery is still practiced. However, this is what is not being taught. It was Western Civilization that abolished slavery across most of the world.

This basic concept of individual rights is at the core of all the different nations. It is also the reason behind the attacks to destroy and eliminate Western Civilization. The elites that seek to enslave the planet need to crush the concept of individual rights.

That is the only reason, I can see for the left and democrats, singular focused hate over Western civilization, and Western values. Jeff Zeleny formerly at the New York Times said, “We can’t have America first. There’s no such thing as America first. All cultures are identical and the same. Nothing special about America. There’s nothing exceptional about America. The problem with America has always been it’s too white.”

That one statement says exactly how the liberal left thinks. The concept that “All cultures are identical and the same” is ridiculous. Again, I’m not assigning superiority or inferiority, but they are not the same. The idea of moral equivalency encompasses the ideology of the left. With one exception, any traditional or conservative ideas are evil.

Racism in action: The Left sees everything in terms of race and equates Western civilization with whiteness. There lies a problem. The Left, controls our universities, and teaches American students. The Left loathes Western civilization and therefore teaches our children the enemy is Western Civilization in both America and Europe.

To the Left’s, the mere suggestion that Western civilization needs to be saved is, by definition, a call for the preservation of the white race. And if you believe your history should be saved you are by their definition a racist. The works of Shakespeare are read in every language that has an alphabet not because he was white or European but because he is regarded as the greatest playwright who ever lived. However, in the leftist ivory towers of academia where color and gender matter more than accomplishment.  English departments across America are removing posters of William Shakespeare because he was a white male.

Remember, above all else, your history and ancestor matter and are important. Do not allow yourself to apologize for what you are not. The only solution is to stand strong and defend yourself. You are White, be proud of your history and ancestors.

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