CNN Solves Crime of the Century

Which crime could I be referring to? Uranium sale to Russia by Hillary? No. Perhaps, the leadership of the FBI and Justice Department plotting to interfere with Presidential election? No. I know, Special Investigator Robert Mueller hiring extremely prejudiced staff? No. Maybe it was the FBI changing the wording to make Hillary’s actions just dumb, not criminal? No. I know, Tony Podesta, of the Podesta Group, working for Russia, and not filing as a foreign agent? No. Okay I give, what huge story did CNN break?


CNN obsessively investigated a white box truck that blocked the network’s view of President Trump golfing earlier this week.

Finally, a reporter for the network confirmed that the truck had license plates that showed it belongs to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. It was not intended to block reporters’ views of Trump golfing at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Case Closed!

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