Tale of Two Legal Standards

For lying to the FBI, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is being persecuted and prosecuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. After a year of investigations, Mueller has found ZERO collusion with Russia. Unable to find anything he charged Paul Manafort over something that happened long before he worked with President Trump. But this brings up an interesting point.

Obama Justice Department gave a pass to Mrs. Clinton and her subordinates, when they lied and gave the FBI false about such key matters as whether Clinton understood markings in classified documents and whether her aides knew about her homebrew server system during their State Department service. In addition, the Justice Department’s collaborated with defense lawyers to restrict the FBI’s ability to pursue obvious lines of inquiry and examine digital evidence. And then They granted immunity to suspects who should have been charged with crimes and pressured to cooperate. Even allowing subjects of the investigation to be present for each other’s FBI interviews and even to act as lawyers for Clinton, in violation of legal and ethical rules.

So much for equal justice.

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