Regardless of Your Feelings

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, announced very simply that federal law regarding marijuana will be enforced. It was the Obama administration, through executive overreach that undermined the rule of law. The Obama Administration chose to ignore federal law, giving the marijuana industry a pass.

I’m not arguing for or against legalized marijuana. But should ANY President, unilaterally decide what laws to enforce and what laws to ignore. Think of the chaos, complete industries becoming legal, then illegal on the whim of a President.

Suppose states decided to ignore other laws. What if Idaho decided that machine guns were legal? Or if Utah decided that same sex marriage and abortion were not? Or if Kansas decided to remove all speed limits on interstate highways running through their state? States’ rights are one thing, but there’s still that pesky Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution. The simple truth is, if America wants marijuana legal. Then change the law. It really is that simple.


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