The Nancy Pelosi Show: All Hat No Cattle

Question is, why didn’t Nancy Pelosi dedicate eight hours to doing something about immigration reform when she had the votes to pass it? When democrats owned the Senate, House, and Presidency, not one thing for DACA. The question Hispanics should be asking, why didn’t democrats do anything when they held all the power?

The answer is simple. You are being played for a fool. Just like Blacks have been played for the last 60 years. Promise anything and everything, deliver ZERO. Democrats have promised blacks, they will help the Blacks. So, for 50 years, Blacks have voted democrat 90%+. And yet they are worse off today than in 1965. Take this inference however you want. But me, after doing the same thing for over 50 years and being worse off today, doesn’t make ya sharpest tool in the box. Keep voting democrat, I’m sure they are just one election away.

Now democrats pray that Hispanics follow the same path. Generational democrat voters for empty promises and no improvements.

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