Schiff for Brains

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, indicated Tuesday night that Democrats have decided not to make any revisions to their memo on FISA surveillance, in spite of the White House’s insistence that they do so. Instead, Schiff indicated, DEMOCRATS WILL ASK THE WHITE HOUSE TO REDACT ANY INFORMATION THEY ALLEGE IS NECESSARY IN ORDER TO PROTECT NATIONAL SECURITY.

That is the lie. Anything redacted, democrats will claim had nothing to do with national security. It just proved President’s guilt.

President Trump needs to call their bluff. The President should issue this statement.

“Democrats on the intelligence committee know what information can harm national security. They wrote this memo to be published. Therefore, they would not include any information that should not be published. I will release this memo in full, in three days. Unless the democrat members of the intelligence committee wish to make any revisions before its release.”

Then release the memo amended or not, in full.

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