Is It Just Me

People at the very highest level of the FBI, seem to be serial liars. Head of the FBI, James Comey, fired for lying. Now the former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe’s fired for lying. There also appears to be collusion between them and people at the Justice Department. It seems there was agreement to clear Hillary Clinton of any email charges, before the investigation concluded.  A draft FBI memo exonerating Clinton was written months before several key figures, including Clinton, had been interviewed Comey. Also, Comey testified to congress that “no classified” was contained in her emails. When he knew at that time at least seven contained classified information.

Emails have been uncovered between Comey and McCabe, that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch also knew Clinton wouldn’t face charges before Clinton had been interviewed. The Justice Department was informed there was a predetermined outcome in the email investigation.

At this moment, I have almost ZERO trust in anything done by the FBI or Justice Department. I do not see how any informed citizen on a jury, or grand jury would convict or indict anyone based solely on information provided by either of those organizations. For me to ever trust them again, it is their responsibility to purge, indict, and convict everyone involved in this corruption. Short of that, ZERO trust, ever.

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