Anyone Remember The 23 Celebrities Who Vowed To Leave U.S. If Trump Won

It’s been more than a year since Donald Trump stunned the nation and won his race for the White House. Movie stars and pundits said it would never happen. But, if Trump ever did win the presidency, his 23 biggest Hollywood haters made a solemn vow to the nation: WE WILL LEAVE AMERICA.

Jon Stewart

Chelsea Handler

Neve Campbell

Barry Diller

Lena Dunham – This is one Holstein we could do without

Keegan-Michael Key

Chloe Sevigny

Al Sharpton

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Another Holstein

Natasha Lyonne

Eddie Griffin

Spike Lee

Amy Schumer

Brian Cranston

Amber Rose

Samuel L. Jackson

Miley Cyrus

Omari Hardwick

Whoopi Goldberg

Raven Symone

Barbra Streisand

George Lopez


Okay, it is not like you can’t afford to move your ass out. Why the hell you still here. Oh, I guess you all must be democrats, and every word out of your mouth is a lie. The least you could do is “Renounce Your Citizenship.” Then President Donald Trump, would not be your President!

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