Rape Coming to America


As President Obama plans to import thousands of Muslims, the inevitable outcome will be the rape, torture and murder of American women. In Sweden, Muslims commit roughly 75-80% of all rapes, and roughly, 65% of all extreme assault rapes are committed by a 14% “immigrant population.” Muslims only make up roughly 6%-9% of the population. The exact number is not clear since there are many illegal Muslims roaming free in Sweden.

That is the culture President Obama in importing to America. A society where men are entitled to rape and kill women.

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Muslim rapists in Sweden ‘enjoy impunity’: Amnesty International | The Muslim Issue

Sweden’s far left socialist politicians are a sight to see. They don’t care at all about the safety of their own women and children who are now the foremost victims of rape in the entire Western world. Raped by the immigrants the EU HQ in Brussels keep forcing on their country. Sweden also has the…

Source: themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/muslim-rapists-in-sweden-enjoy-impunity-amnesty-international/



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