Hate Speech

That very term is designed to stop, “Free Speech.” But isn’t exactly the reason our Founding Fathers though free speech was so important? If there are “Topics” that cannot be talked about, where is free speech. By forcing certain topics into being labeled “Hate Speech,” we are censoring speech. It is these ugly topics that Free Speech even exists. If all you talked about was Unicorns and Rainbows, no one would care. It is the dirty, ugly topics people want to call “Hate Speech” and thereby censor and control any discussion.

Are there limits to free speech? Yes, and only a fool would think otherwise. But those limits should never be about a topic. Yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater is one example. That action will cause physical harm to others. But is the word “Fire” banned in a crowded theater? No, that would be stupid.

The idea of “hate speech” is as stupid as making things “hate crimes.” Both are simply tools designed to control and limit your actions. Any actions by whites against black, may become a “hate crime.” However, the very same action by blacks against whites, would NEVER become a hate crime. Why the double standard?

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