Republicans & GOP Working Hard For 2018 Election

The GOP is going all in for the November election. They are pulling all the stop to see Democrats take as many seats as possible. WHAT? Yes, the republicans and GOP are pissed President Trump is rocking their “gravy train.” They had it good, they could talk against democrat policies, but never had to really do anything. Just a lot of lip service, and a cushy job, doing nothing.

We have seen time after time, President Trump wanting real change and the GOP, wilts and does nothing. How many times did they promise and vote to end Obamacare. With Obama in the White House they were safe. But once that vote would actually matter. NOTHING! Continually, they fail to pass any legislation to make a difference.

 Now they are playing their ace in the hole. The GOP is planning to lose control of the House and Senate. That way they cannot be blamed for doing nothing. But once we have President Hillary in office, they will be pounding their chests to “Make a Difference.”

We see there is no difference. You, the GOP never wanted to make any changes. Just appear to oppose but do nothing except get rich. We need another option. The time is fast approaching I will no longer vote for the GOP either.

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