These People Do Not Deserves Our Trust Anymore

It’s time that people, acknowledge that pretty much everyone in DOJ and FBI leadership is a partisan. They are Democrat Deep State actors first and civil servants second.

It’s not that long ago that we were told that James Comey is an honest and unbiased individual.  We now know that he’s untrustworthy, dishonest, and partisan.

Then we were told that Robert Mueller is a paragon of correctness and honesty.  We all know how that worked out.

Now, those same people are saying Rosenstein is trustworthy. Yet we know, that Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate something after Mueller had already illegally investigated it.

When the Democrats and the Deep State get rid of Trump, our elections will be just as much of a sham as the “elections” in communist China or Russia.  We will cease to be a free people and become serfs lorded over by the rich judges and the leftist elites.

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