The FBI has 100% failed in its duty to America!

Is the agency salvageable? It is clear the leadership is not. They are 100% Deep State Agents. How far down has the head rotted? At this point it is hard to say. But anyone with a brain knows the body follow the head. Anyone in the FBI, with any ambition, knew they had to play the deep state game, to get ahead. Are those agents damaged beyond saving? I simply do not know. I do know every agent needs to be examined. If they every “played ball” then they must go. They simply do not have the personal ethics to be an FBI agent. They proved, they valued career, over honesty.

The FBI has proven themselves to be consistently incompetent citing their failure to stop the Tsarnaev brothers, who were behind the Boston Marathon bombings, Whitey Bulger, who the FBI employed that had mob ties, to even the most recent school shooting by Nikolas Cruz. The FBI is clearly a corrupt organization and has been caught on several occasions to have acted incompetently.

The suggestion has been made to dismantle the FBI. Move agents into the United States Martial Service but only after they have been vetted and proven qualified.

The United States Marshals have a long 200-year history of honorable service and that the agency could handle investigations much better than the FBI. Will shifting the FBI duties to the United States Marshals provide any better results? The answer depends, maybe at best.

The landscape of “Alphabet Agencies,” have been allowed to run wild. They all, EVERY ONE of them need tight, very tight control by congress. The first time they stonewall a congressional investigation, their funding is immediately stopped. And they do not receive one penny more until they comply 100%.

It is clear our federal government it out of control. The elite, deep state, masters break laws with impunity. While we mere slaves are locked in prison by the million. Unless things are corrected and very soon, America as we knew it is over. We either become a slave state lorded over by masters. Or Civil War is coming. Either way the America we knew is dead.

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