Don Trump is Correct

Trump 09

Surveys conducted by Pew Research, Zogby, the Washington Institute, ORB International, CSIS, and ACRPS and the results were disconcerting. The results show that a staggering 21 per cent of Syrians have a favorable view of ISIS. In plain English one in every five Syrian refugees support ISIS.

Out of one hundred thousand refugees, twenty-one thousand support and may be terrorists. And they also support those wishing to destroy America. Who in their right mind could support any plan to allow over twenty thousand potential terrorists inside our borders. Are there non-radical Muslims? Perhaps! However, I seen no proof they actually exist except in name. Name one Mosque anywhere in the world where the followers held a rally against Islamic Terror. Go ahead with an answer. I am waiting for that one example where mosque anywhere in the world rallied against Islamic Terror. I think bigfoot has a better chance of being real than finding one.

Hell, even in Paris with a Muslim population over 220,000 only 30 Muslims showed at an event for the victims killed by Muslim terrorists. Thirty out of over two hundred thousand is statistically zero. Donald Trump is correct until we find a way to eliminate terrorist Islamic supporters, immigration must be suspended.

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