Constitutional Rights


Much as this statement may piss-off a lot of people here goes. Constitutional Rights must apply to terrorists. I do not understand how anyone that loves and believes in the Constitution of the United States could say any different. Does it make me mad we must give terrorists the same protections I get, YES. Am I less safe because we must respect the rights given to terrorists, YES.

If you disagree let me ask this. Who in government do you trust that will decide which citizen gets the protections of the constitution and which doesn’t. Remember politics shift and once set in place it will become something different. I was uneasy when Bush said we need the “Patriot Act.” But I said we were attacked and drastic measures are needed. Look where that has ended. Boy was I wrong! Now every phone call made is recorded by secret government agencies. Every email sent is saved and scanned by secret government agencies. Your image captured and placed in secret government agencies databases.

Now do you really want a secret government agency deciding which constitutional rights apply to which citizens. While applaud France for their searching Mosques, I never want to see that come to America. If officials find enough evidence to get a search warrant that is one thing. But to search a Mosque just because it a mosque is wrong and unconstitutional.

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