White Genocide


I have written sparingly on the subject “Diversity is White Genocide.” But how else do you describe this?

In the blog section of French media outlet, Nouve L’obs, a doctor wrote that any woman who votes for Front National (French anti-mass immigration party) has a “reptilian brain” and should be raped and impregnated to produce “multicolored descendants.”

Even after Paris there are wackos that want to destroy the white race, western culture and all remnants of Western Civilization.

While most anti-Whites prefer to take a more subtle approach using code words like “diversity”, Lecoquierre is very blatant in saying what he wants: White genocide in France.


Rape “right-wing” females to create “multicolored descendants”, says French Doctor – White GeNOcide Project

Source: whitegenocideproject.com/rape-right-wing-females-to-create-multicolored-descendants-says-french-doctor/



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