What the GOP Really Thinks of You


GOP establishment Consultant Rick Wilson continues with outrageous statements. His latest he said, “Republicans are still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump and that’s a fact.”

Last September in a CNN interview, Wilson said, “Trump could “eat a live baby on television” and Trump’s supporters “would think it’s the greatest thing in America.” He has also demeaned Trump’s supporters as “low-information” rubes and has likened them to “post-rational” conspiracy theorists.

In his latest attack Wilson attacked Ann Coulter for supporting Donald Trump. He said, “Ann Coulter, does Trump pay you more for anal?” This is a spokesman for the GOP. I have to ask do I still want to identify as a republican…the answer is no I am independent. Not one more penny to the republican party. I have been stabbed in the back one too many times.

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