Democrat’s Attack on Gun Manufacturers


Democrats have introduced a bill to make gun manufacturers liable of misuse of their product. If a gun is used in a murder the gun maker can be sued. To the anti-gun left I bet that sounds like a good idea. But now stop and think. I know thinking is difficult compared to feeling but try. If you make them liable for misuse other manufacturers will automatically be liable for misuse of their products. We are still thinking here not just feeling so follow along. What happens to Ford when they can be sued for a drunk driver’s accident. A Chicago Cutlery’s knife is used in a stabbing and they are sued for the attack. While making gun manufacturers liable for criminals use of their produce feels like a good solution when you think about the consequences to every other manufacturer in America will be devastating.


Democrats Attempt to Place Gun Manufacturers In The Crosshairs – Matt Vespa

Well, most of the Democratic 2016 field supports this, as do anti-gun activists, so it’s no surprise that some members of Congress.01/16/2016 10:22:05AM EST.




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