Bureaucratic Red Tape and Destroying Individual Opportunity


Do you realize that nearly 30% of every job in America requires a license of some kind? I am sure we all agree some professions should require a license. But one out of three? Here a just a few of the bizarre occupations some states make you obtain a license, Interior Designer, Florist, Residential Painting Contractor or Makeup Artist are just a few examples. But yet without any license you can become an Academic Pharmacist and work in schools of pharmacy or medicine. Faculty positions do not require a license. Or even without any license become a Pharmacologist with the FDA and be responsible for reviewing and evaluating the pharmacological and toxicological data contained in New Drug Applications (NDAs) and Investigational New Drug Applications (INDAs). Let me get this straight you need a license to paint a bedroom wall or arrange flowers but not to review and evaluate new drug applications.

Perhaps people could become more entrepreneurial without such government oppressiveness. Here is just another example I think shows this government over-reach.


Wisconsin Farmers Suing Over the Right to Sell Baked Goods – Christine Rousselle

A group of Wisconsin farmers, along with the Institute for Justice, are suing the state for the right to sell baked goods that are.01/19/2016 14:02:45PM EST.

Source: townhall.com/tipsheet/christinerousselle/2016/01/19/wisconsin-farmers-suing-over-the-right-to-sell-baked-goods-n2106400



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