Troubled Families


I know many families have problems. And many of us seek council from our religious leaders. One Step to Heal Marriage Is to Hit Your Wife. Husbands should know that that hitting is a mark of “love and friendship.” It helps in healing a broken marriage.

There is a four-step program for husbands, culminating in striking their wives, but not so severely that those outside the home discover that the couple is having trouble. The husband starts with a warning. After the warning comes separation. If the separation fails, then comes hitting the wife. Remember when hitting your wife not to hit the face and do not make her ugly. Not to hit so that it will bring the police, break her hand and cause bleeding, or hitting that makes the face ugly. Only after beating your wife the marriage is not healed divorce may happen.

Remember men hitting your wife shows your love for them!


How to properly beat your wife, according to Islam | The Conservative Papers






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