Should the 17th Amendment be Repealed


Most living Americans were not even alive when Senators did not run for their seat. WHAT, you say, what are you talking about? Yes citizens, before the passage of the 17th Amendment Senators were chosen by the Legislature in their state. Rather than the 100, power-hungry senators responsible to nothing but their own re-election and the corporate interests that purchased their election. With this change, the Senators would be responsible only to the state they represent. Senators would no longer live constant fear of the media and the national “PC Police always ready make their electoral life miserable.”

At last Senators would be responsible to citizens angry and fed up with open borders, EPA regulations and other administrative diktats too numerous to count. The framers of our Constitution envisioned the Senators appointed to their office by their state. In order to preserve the rights of their state and its people. Senators then are not likely to assign a lifetime of judicial authority to those who believe all power should rest with the federal government.

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