Globalists’ Plans Backfire

Anti-Open-Borders Movements Across Europe Are Making Hitler Popular Again

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Last week, an Italian newspaper was heavily criticized after publishing Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Conservative Milan daily, Il Giornale, gave the book free to those who purchased the newspaper and is also publishing volumes exploring Third Reich history.

In Germany, Hitler’s political treatise has not only made a comeback, but has also become a bestseller.

There is a growing surge of Nationalism sweeping Europe and America. The “One Worlders” open borders policies are now being opposed. Across the west, in Europe and America, citizens see their traditions and history trampled in favor of outsiders. There is a resistance against those come that do now want to assimilate but change our nations into the ones they are fleeing. The more the globalists push the harder the push-back will become. Eventually there will be open warfare. Nations will either push-out and destroy the invaders or cease to exist.

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