Amid accusations of racism and corruption, the public perception of law enforcement has spiraled in such a way that has made many Chicago Police Department officers fearful of doing their jobs.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an active-duty CPD officer sat down with Vice News and said, “It’s become more and more difficult to police. I know a lot of really talented officers (in) the Chicago Police Department that aren’t doing anything. They’re afraid of being jammed up, meaning sued or fired, for doing their job.


‘It’s Tragic’: Amid Spike in Killings, Chicago Officer Says Police Are Afraid to Do Their Jobs

The level of gun-related violence in Chicago has risen to alarming heights, with more than 1,500 shootings so far this year. An analysis of Chicago crime statistics released in April suggested a direct correlation between the spike in citywide violence and the release of the Laquan McDonald…




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