More Fake News

I have said repeatedly, most fake news is what they don’t report. Here is a great example of media fake news by censoring what is reported.

See any coverage of FEMA and the recovery efforts? A few perhaps, but no, there is no serious reporting. To report on how well the relief and recovery is going would point to the competency of President Trump. Remember Katrina? Nonstop reporting how President Bush failed.

I secretly think the media is pissed, FEMA didn’t screw up, so they could blame President Trump. So instead, the entire story is ignored.

Rewriting History

Hillary’s book, “What Happened,” now has a 4.9 out of 5-star review. However, to achieve this amazing success, 90% plus of the negative reviews were scrubbed by Amazon. Thousands of reviews like this, “Picked this book up at Wal-Mart out of sheer morbid curiosity. Returned it, claiming I bought the wrong book.” Were removed by Amazon, to artificially inflate the books reviews.

I did find one thing funny. The hardcover version has 35% 5-star and 55% 1-star. While the kindle version is 95% 5-star, and the hardcover is 3% 1-star. Why the huge discrepancy, between the hardcover and kindle versions? That tells me Amazon is fiddling with the stats, and artificially increasing, the percentage of 5-star reviews!

To review the book you must purchase a copy from amazon. Apparently, they do not realize it can be purchased at other retailers.

What the Hell Happened

When did American’s become such wimps and pussies. Just why do we tolerate some government goon felling up our genitals? Worse yet, how do we tolerates a government goon sexually assaulting our wives and daughters.


TSA officials declined to detail the new universal procedure or the previous pat-down tactics, but the industry is bracing for passenger unhappiness about more invasive searches.

Why do we tolerate some queer feeling up our cock and balls, 6 to 10 times? Oh please, no straight man would rub up and down your dick several times. Then the rapists and pedophiles proceed to grope our wives and daughters. Please tell me why little children need they private areas rubbed and grabbed by government sex molesters. Our wives and daughters must submit to government ordered sexual assault.

Voter Fraud

Released data reveal that 6,540 people registered to vote in New Hampshire on Election Day 2016 (Nov. 8) using out-of-state driver’s licenses. In the 2016 election, 5,526 out-of-state voters in New Hampshire, that claimed they were new residents. None of those 5,526 out-of-state voters, ever got a New Hampshire drivers licenses or registered a vehicle.

Just a point of interest. Donald Trump lost to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 2,736 votes. Hmmm, 5526 fraudulent voters. Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Ayotte lost her seat to Democrat Maggie Hassan by a mere 1,017 votes. Again, 5526 fraudulent voters. Ya got to wonder.

“No widespread voter fraud exists in New Hampshire,” ACLU of New Hampshire Legal Director Gilles Bissonnette claimed with a straight face in a column. “President Trump is wrong. If there’s a perception of widespread voter fraud, the correct and obvious response is to educate the public that no such fraud exists, rather than succumb to such a lie.”

Wonder how Mr. Bissonnette will spin the news that 5,526 out-of-state voters who never bothered to get New Hampshire driver’s licenses?

Rape of Europe

Swedish Police “Cannot Cope” With Huge Numbers of Rapes Since Migrants Arrived

Back in July, the 12-year-old girl was dragged into a restroom by a “refugee” in the center of Stenungsund, before being beaten, raped, and threatened with death.

Police know the identity of the culprit, the girl’s mother immediately reported him to police, but authorities have yet to even interrogate the suspect two months later despite knowing his name and address.


Because they have too many rapes to process. They cannot keep-up.

When the journalist Joakim Lamotte said, “I’ve talked to the mother and her daughter feels very bad because of this, and I know who this man is, I have his name, address, social security number and everything, and, I mean, you haven’t even interrogated him yet, isn’t that remarkable?”

Police replied, “Well, you might think so, but we have so many similar issues and so few people available we cannot cope with the workload.”

Then the journalist Joakim Lamotte said, “That sounds unbelievable. A 12-year-old girl who is raped, it’s just a child.”

The police replied, “We have 3-year-old children that get raped. Yes….these are the realities and it’s terribly regrettable. That’s all I can say about it.”


It is good to know that regardless of party, democrat or republican. Corruption and crimes by high level government employees will NEVER be investigated. So, if you are a department head, laws do not apply to you. Feel free to do whatever you want.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is clearly one of the swamp creatures Trump wanted to eliminate.

Liberal Insanity

Portland Police will no longer track gangs and gang members. Why the change? Have gangs left Portland? NO! Here is the official reasoning. They are eliminating gang databases because the gang members are mostly members of minorities. Read not enough whites in gangs.

Good News

NFL opening weekend sees more Star-Spangled Banner protests.

The America hating NFL has expanded their protesting of the American Flag. It is surprising some are actually upset enough to turn-off the games. Enough in fact, the NFL’s TV ratings, have dropped by about 12 percent year-over-year. Understand, no matter how much you enjoy watching the games. If you do, then YOU are supporting their continuing kneeling in protest of the flag. Honestly, turn-off the NFL, switch to college football, and make Sundays, family day, without the NFL.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, by ignoring this issue, tacitly gives his support to the protests. And the weak reasoning, it is about the first amendment, is flawed. Yes, congress cannot pass any laws that limit your free speech. However, your employer can. How quick do you think, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, would act, if a player openly waved a confederate flag, or held an anti-Muslim banner, during the National Anthem? My guess is he would be done in the NFL, before the National Anthem ended. So, it is not about free speech. It is about disrespecting America and the American flag. Which is acceptable to the NFL.

Beating the Clintons At Their Own Game

Headline Chiraq:


After reviewing more than 500 contributions made to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel of at least $5,000 since July 2015, the Tribune reports today that nearly 70% of them came from people who have received, or are seeking, lucrative contracts with City Hall.

Pay-to-play: 70% of Rahm Emanuel donors received lucrative contracts

Dump Google Over Censorship and Data Mining

I use DuckDuckGo, as my search engine. Do a little research to realize just how invasive Google is to your privacy. Do you research terrorism, confederate flag, guns, prepper, constitution, or others? If you do Google is reporting these suspicious activities to the NSA and other government agencies. Think about that!

Protect yourself and your privacy. Please if you have the time watch these two videos. And yes, these are on YouTube a Goggle company…